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Smart Waste$23.50 ea Buy 5 get 1 free
Black Smart Waste$26.50 each | Buy 5 get 1 FREE
304 S/S Smart Waste$24 ea Buy 5 get 1 free
Tile Insert Smart Waste$23.50 each | Buy 5 get 1 FREE
Square Floor Waste$11 each | Buy 5 get 1 FREE

Stylish Bathroom Makeovers in Sydney

Elegant bathrooms require tastefully selected bathroom fixtures and accessories. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have carefully curated a quality range of the finest designs for our valued customers. Tailoring our collection of bathroom supplies in Sydney, NSW to promise both ergonomic comfort and style that will last the test of time. Simply put; our people do the legwork to find the highest quality bathroom accessories so that you don’t have to. Therefore, our clients can always trust that they will find and enjoy a great collection at our bathroom store, Bonnyrigg Tiles! Choose from luxe high polished finishes, charcoal matte black and stainless steel to give a contemporary feel to your bathroom. Realise your modern minimalistic desire for a freestanding tub. Make your morning preparatory ritual your favourite part of your day with a beautiful bathroom vanity. Whatever your vision for your bathroom is, you can find assistance in our range. Wherever you look, Bonnyrigg Tiles’ bathroom supplies and accessories in Sydney will excite and delight. Explore Beautiful Bathroom Supplies At Bonnyrigg Tiles we want to be your partner in bathroom creation and renovation by offering you incredible fixtures to transform the look of your bathroom. Even a small bathroom can become the envy of many by incorporating high quality elements and exacting details in design. As a treasured patron we want to invite you to look through all the bathroom supplies and accessories that we have to offer in Bonnyrigg (either online or at our bathroom showroom):
    • Bathroom vanities – Our bathroom vanities are crafted and manufactured with sleek clean lines, for stunning modern design. Available in different colour combinations such as overall white, white and oak, grey wood, black or white with tempered textured glass. You won’t believe the cheap prices of our bathroom vanities. Offering you undisputable beauty, compartmentalised storage space and versatility all in one affordable package.
    • Toilet suites – While your toilet suite is often the last fixture you think about when creating a bathroom, sophistication is found and made from close attention to the details. Our experts have founded, designed and manufactured toilets with silk smooth shaping and surfaces. Therefore providing toilet suites in Sydney that surprisingly soothe and excite.
    • Bathtubs – Our range of freestanding bathtubs offer the perfect space of respite in your bathroom. They all offer a fresh and glamorous contemporary accent, made and constructed with Lucite acrylic for a crisp white and high shine finish.
    • Basins – Your choice of basin can uplift the appearance of your bathroom sink or vanity area. At Bonnyrigg Tiles we have basins that carry the likeness of priceless pottery in addition to many other on trend designs. Look through and select from round and square basins in matt black or whites with a matte, semi matte or high shine finish. Exercise creativity in whether your basin pops out on the counter or is fully or semi recessed.
    • Floor Wastes – It’s true that every bathroom needs a floor waste to get rid of the water you use in a shower. It is also vital to prevent overflow and help you clean up. We have a range of floor wastes in different shapes and sizes to assist you in fitting in the essentials in your bathroom. Although our team can also custom make a floor waste for you if you can’t find your required size. Don’t like the grated appearance of a drain? We also provide the intelligently subtle tile insert smart wastes that drain away water in the outlines of squares or rectangles.
    • Sinks – Coming with both basin and floor wastes, our sinks provide a simple stainless steel appearance for the modern minimalist. Conversely, we find it a great choice for those that are looking to add shine to their bathroom vanity.
    • Accessories –While smaller and less expensive, the accessories you add to your bathroom often acts as the icing on the cake. The bathroom products in Australia that instantly personalise. Explore towel racks, towel ring, robe hook, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and glass shelves from our collection of bathroom accessories in Bonnyrigg. We provide a range of options for clients to choose from, with matte black, stainless steel, chrome and dark steel finishes. Available in different shapes and designs.
The role of Bathroom Supplies | Tailoring a high polished form and function The bathroom supplies in your bathroom are of course the parts that are essential to complete the purpose of this room. We provide cheap and discount bathroom supplies near you to empower your bathroom renovation and construction projects. As our bathroom supplies are available at a discount, you can have more confidence as you browse and explore our collection for bathroom supplies. Allowing you to really come up with a vision for a custom bathroom, that is uniquely your own. The role of Bathroom Accessories | Adding the final touches Bathroom accessories supply the last touches to help achieve a particular look. Our range of bathroom accessories in Bonnyrigg brings you some of the latest and most loved trends in bathroom design, with finishes in matte black, stainless steel and chrome in minimalistic styles that you can’t go wrong with! At Bonnyrigg Tiles we invite you to buy cheap bathroom accessories in our range made with great attention to detail. By buying cheap bathroom accessories you can keep within your budget. These affordable options also provide a springboard of ideas to achieve a beautiful finish with stylish bathroom accessories. For instance, chrome bathroom accessories offer a shine unmatched by stainless steel. While shower room accessories which attach to your shower wall offer great convenience. As a result, shower room accessories are increasingly popular. Explore the likes of glass shelves, towel rails and more! Our bathroom accessories in Bonnyrigg offers remarkable value with one of the most renowned bathroom showrooms in Sydney. We continually update our range with the latest styles, such as with our chrome bathroom accessories. A Bathroom Shop in Sydney with a Difference We are one of the leading bathroom shops in Sydney, NSW with our modern bathroom supplies offered at valuable discounts. We’ve designed our bathroom store around making quality bathroom supplies cheap. Our bathroom store is built on 20 years of experience in bathrooms. Backed by this expertise, the specialists in our bathroom store in Sydney can offer you all the advice you need to build beautiful custom bathrooms. Furthermore, all our bathroom products in our bathroom store in Sydney meet all Australian quality standards. So that you can buy bathroom products that make an incredible difference. Unearth your new and stunning vision at one of the best bathroom showrooms in Sydney Bonnyrigg Tiles offers one of the most thorough bathroom showrooms in Sydney. Featuring some of the best bathroom products in Australia, at highly competitive rates. The Bonnyrigg Tile’s bathroom showroom has a wide display of bathroom supplies, accessories, and tiles to give you a range of choices when you’re looking to buy bathroom products. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are passionate about empowering the building projects of homeowners, designers and builders across Sydney. Stocking a renowned range of the latest tastes in tiles, bathroom supplies, accessories and tapware. We’d like to stand in as your partner in bathroom creation, renovation and remodelling. Wherever your bathroom vision takes you, our bathroom supply shop offers all the supplies for the journey. Knowledgeable, experienced, and delivering a stylish range - it’s no wonder so many visit our bathroom shop! Now’s the time to explore one of the best bathroom showrooms in Sydney for yourself. Find out more about a product you’re interested in by calling us on (02) 8786 0288 or filling out our online form. Conversely, explore more of Bonnyrigg Tiles. The perfect place to give your bathroom a makeover.

  • Looking for bathroom makeovers in Sydney?
  • Your search ends at Bonnyrigg Tiles. We provide the best bathroom supplies in Sydney. We have a wide range of bathroom accessories in Sydney. Our bathroom accessories and cheap bathroom accessories will add more grandeur to your bathroom and improve its appearance. We also have a wide range of vanities and toilet suites in Sydney. These toilet suites are made from some of the best quality materials. Our cheap bathroom vanities are available in various sizes and patterns to suit every bathroom project. They have high utility value and will be a perfect addition to your bathroom.
  • What brands of bathroom accessories do you carry?
  • We have supply some of the finest bathroom ware for bathroom makeovers in Sydney and have a large range supplies in Sydney. We are also known for our attention to detail and quest for perfection. Some of the leading brands of bathroom accessories associated with us include Cee Jay Bathroom ware, RAK Ceramics, Fienza, KDK and much more.
  • What type of vanities can I use in my bathroom remodel?
  • You can use any type of bathroom vanity that complements your bathroom space. It is essential to measure the space you have to work with to prevent you from purchasing an oversized or undersized vanity. A bathroom vanity is an important feature of the bathroom and must be chosen carefully. Bathroom vanities have high utility value and provide you with great space for keeping your bathroom essentials tidy. The bathroom accessories that Bonnyrigg Tiles supplies will surely steal the show and add more beauty to your space.
  • How much do toilet suites and bathtubs cost in Sydney?
  • We have a large range of toilet suites you can choose from in Sydney. The price of toilet suites depends upon several factors such as brand, design, style, shape, dimensions and much more.

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