Bathroom Basins in Sydney

Curate an air of sophistication through the tailored attention to your bathroom basin. Your basin plays a major role in defining the overall tone and feel of your bathroom. While choosing a basin for your bathroom may sometimes appear quite simple, there is often a lot more to consider than you might expect.  At Bonnyrigg Tiles our basins are chosen carefully by our bathroom specialists. Having been selected for their modern minimalistic charm and soothing, ergonomic design. We provide a collection that caters to the latest and most beloved bathroom designs, featuring bathroom basins with different shapes, finishes and fits.  The humble bathroom basin has been getting paid more attention by designers, as a central place of activity for cleansing and preparing for the day. And just under your vanity mirror, it’s often an area where you first see yourself for the day.  So, why not make your bathroom basin more appealing?

Finding Your Ideal Bathroom Basin

How much space does your bathroom have?

When shopping for your new basin, it is important that you consider the space in your bathroom to help guide you. A semi recessed basin, above up basin or pedestal basin can work wonders in a small space. While a larger space opens you to more options to choose from, accomplishing many different bathroom styles.  It is also important to consider the amount of space that you want around the sink for your bathroom vanity or counter. Think about also how much viable drawer space you want to leave underneath the basin. 

What purpose will your basin play?

While this question may seem silly on the surface, the basin you have in your powder room or guest bathroom does play a different role than one in a master bathroom. Think about whether it solely needs to be a place where people wash their hands here or if there are other purposes your family will use it for later. When choosing a build, it’s also important to try and keep the people using your basin in mind. The shape of your basin might have more of an impact if your household includes kids or elderly. A semi-recessed basin, for instance, might mean more water spills on the floor with kids. 

Bathroom Basins with Quality & Flair in Sydney

Above Up Basins – Above up basins are installed directly on top of a counter, small table, or another hard surface. They look very bowl-like, and resemblant of older or more ancient times when the basin is made from natural stone. They can also offer a very sleek contemporary touch in bathrooms with round fixtures and soft textured tiles. This kind of basin requires a pop-up basin waste, over traditional waste models.  Inset and Drop in Basins – The border of inset basins sits above the counter, while most of the bottom recedes below in this style. This ‘lip’ or border makes for great detail for more minimalistic bathroom designs.  Undermount or Under Counter Basins – Like you can expect, undermount basins sits underneath the benchtop in this installation. As the basin needs to be attached to a solid surface, it is not a compatible style for laminate benchtops. Undermount basins are very easy to clean. The rim of the basin doesn’t get in the way of sweeping mess or water from the counter into the basin.  Semi Recessed Basins – This bathroom basin installation somewhat sits partially in the counter, while the top lip and front side sticks out. It’s a great modern solution for achieving the best of both worlds with a larger basin and thinner counter to maximise your space.  Glass Basins – While a more unusual choice, many are beginning to realise the fresh appeal of glass bathroom basins. Impact resistant, durable and won’t scratch or stain, they can be an incredible investment in your bathroom in beauty and strength. However, glass basins in the bathroom are more susceptible to damage from thermal shock. Matte Black Basins – One of the most rising trends in home décor and interior design in the kitchen and bathroom is matte black. Our matte black basins make the perfect accent for a variety of modern, contemporary, and more retro looks, and can easily be paired with matte black tapware to achieve a complementing finish in your bathroom. All-in-One – When you want to save yourself some of the time and effort of creating your own bathroom, you can also consider browsing through our collection of modern bathroom vanities at Bonnyrigg Tiles. Bringing together strong hard surfaces, under counter storage, a pop up or drop in basin waste and basin altogether in one immaculate design.  Explore our range of bathroom basins online! Or come in and visit our showroom!

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