Toilet Suites in Sydney

Our professional curators at Bonnyrigg Tiles provide a range of modern toilet suites in Sydney to help you complete the look of your bathroom or powder room.  When bathrooms are small, designers pay careful attention to every bathroom fixture and addition to make the space feel bigger. Smart solutions save space, allows room for storage, and lets the user to move around more easily.  Our toilet suites with clean crisp lines can seamlessly match with the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve for your bathroom. Their simple classic design helps you remove the feeling of clutter. And the smart solutions of in-wall toilets physically cut down on the space your toilet suite takes up!  At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we stock the latest toilet suites in Sydney with modern technological advancements and designs. So, you can enjoy a superior and more efficient flush – meaning, less time cleaning up your toilet!

Proficient Toilet Suites in Sydney

Our experts have taken the time to carefully put together a refined collection of bathroom supplies for renovations and new bathrooms. Our range of toilet suites in Bonnyrigg Tiles offer the best combination of function and style. As a supporter of more sustainable bathrooms, we also bring you the latest innovations in toilet suites and bathrooms in our stock. 
  • In-Wall Toilet Suites -
Available floating or on ground. In-wall toilet suites have their toilet cistern in the wall, which means a toilet that takes up less space. They are a popular solution for commercial settings like shopping centres and restaurants. In addition to the space they save, in-wall toilet suites in Sydney also provide a quieter flush. Many quality in-walls get no louder than 9 decibels. 
  • Rimless Toilet Suites -
A new advancement, rimless toilets miss that piece where bacteria and debris often hide. While most traditional toilets distribute water from the rim, rimless toilets have been designed to distribute water evenly across the basin. This powerful flush also ensures a more sustainable use of water in the bathroom. We also provide traditional rimless toilets if you prefer, for you to use.

Accessories For Your Toilet Suite

Toilet Seat Shapes 

Toilet suites in Sydney come in different seat and basin shapes such as square, round, and oval. While an oval shape make take up a bit more space, it can also be more comfortable providing a slightly larger seat.

Installing A Bidet 

Bidets have been increasing in demand since panic buying during the outbreak of COVID-19. You can install a bidet onto an existing toilet if it does not come with one. Giving you a fast path for sanitation after using the restroom. In fact, many say bidets offer a more hygienic experience than toilet paper. Some people will use both a bidet and toilet paper to maintain a higher level of hygiene and comfort.

Toilet Roll Holders

The additional metal touches for your bathroom cabinets, tapware, etc can be a great way to tie together a particular mood in the restroom. We have a range of toilet roll holders featured in numerous finishes such as matte black, chrome and stainless steel. 

Why More People are Buying Bathroom Supplies at Bonnyrigg Tiles

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles are a bathroom supply and tile company with over 20 years of experience.  Valuing quality in style, durability, and function, we are the pioneers in helping people across Sydney put together better bathrooms at a more affordable price. Our experts have looked far and wide to bring you the best stock out there on offer. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can always rely on:
  • A vast range of bathroom supplies and tiles
  • The latest and most modern styles
  • Assurance of quality products and services
  • Expert industry advice
  • Professional staff that are happy to assist you with all your needs

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