Bathroom Vanities in Sydney

Create the perfect place to greet yourself in the morning with a stylish bathroom vanity! Bonnyrigg Tiles brings you a great range of bathroom vanities in Sydney, Australia all at a relatively cheap cost. Our collection features beautifully simple but tasteful modern designs. Bringing you the collectively cool grain and texture of grey timber. As well as the strong and immaculate cool touch of quartz or other species of stone.  When you are looking to create a beautiful bathroom, it’s simple. Bonnyrigg Tiles cheap bathroom vanities are available in a good range of sizes, materials, basin styles and set ups. So, you can springboard off all the greatest modern styles to build a bathroom vanity area that you’ll simply love!

Cheap Bathroom Vanity Looks On Trend

We have many varieties in our range of vanities for sale in Sydney, to offer you different options in support, vanity basins, size, and material finishes. Our professionals have worked hard on designing and manufacturing bathroom vanities that add value to your bathroom. Making our collection complete with the most popular, refined, and elegant designs.  Furthermore, our bathroom vanities are also relatively cheap. Allowing a sense of indulgent luxury and taste to be more accessible across all Greater Western Sydney.

Wall hung bathroom vanity

Add a light and airy touch with a floating bathroom vanity Wall hung bathroom vanities are the new space saving design motif for modern and contemporary bathrooms. As they are wall hung, these bathroom vanities can easily be cleaned underneath. It also provides more visual space for added freshness in the bathroom. Paired with a large backlit mirror, they can help create a glamorous Hollywood dressing room like aesthetic. 

Bathroom Vanities With Legs

Find endless applications with grand or simple accents A traditional style bathroom vanity, these vanities can easily support themselves on the floor and don’t require extra set up. There is a lot of styles that legged bathroom vanities can have, with closed drawers, open drawers or both. Bathroom vanity legs also differ in length and width, delivering multiple overall different looks or finishes.

Kickboard Bathroom Vanities

Timeless appeal and structure Also known as freestanding bathroom vanities, kickboard bathroom vanities have a solid support offered by their kickboard underneath. It reduces the amount of floor you need to clean in your bathroom while also hiding away your vanity basin’s tapware plumbing and offering more storage!  Freestanding bathroom vanities have offered a timelessly stable in classic elegance. It’s a bath vanity that you don’t have to worry about not aging well. However, as they take up more space vertically, you might find that they may make your bathroom look smaller. 

Indulge in Accessible Luxury – Choosing an All in One Bathroom Vanity

We can also offer you help in design with our range, helping you find just the bathroom vanity to perfectly suit your bathroom needs. Choosing one of our beautiful bath vanities offers a cost-effective, all-inclusive investment for the betterment of your bathroom. Providing you a hardwearing benchtop, vanity basin, and convenient drawers - all in one solution! With the choices we offer you, you can select a bathroom vanity in Australia with your desired features: Bench top – Stone, ceramic, tempered glass, quartz. Basin – Undermount basins, above counter basins. Drawers – Two, Three, Four and more drawer storage.  Available in different sizes: 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm We offer the latest modern styles, colours, and tastes; with neutral colours and tones such as white, black, grey, and raw and stained timber.  

Maintenance – Keep your bath vanity in the best condition

  • Basin
    A great way to avoid a build-up in germs, is keeping a packet of wet wipes nearby and wiping down your vanity basin daily. For ceramic basins, you can use vinegar, baking soda or another cleaning product to soak your sink or wipe down with a soft cloth. Stone vanity basins will require a gentle soap, as well as their own specialised cleaning products for disinfection.
  • Countertop
    No matter what your bathroom vanity countertop is made of it, is important to wipe up any water spills right away! Wiping down every now and then helps remove any dust or hair, to keep your countertop clean and free from contaminates. In the case of stone countertops, it is important to also use a gentle cleaning solution and cloths, as well as to reseal your stone once a year.
Our range of cheap bathroom vanities in Sydney provide an apt solution to the design, storage, and usage of your bathroom! Find out more about our vanities for sale in Sydney today, by contacting one of our professionals on (02) 8786 0288

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