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Bathroom Renovations Cabramatta

Experience what remedying bathroom design feels like. Our bathroom renovations are focused on your satisfaction, with elegant detail at an affordable cost.

Bathroom Renovation

Freshness Inspired by Modern and Contemporary Design

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are focused on that fresh new feeling! Our bathroom renovators satisfy clients with bespoke custom designs, tailored to their style, preferences of use and budget. We’ve mastered the balance of beautiful results and high quality products, with a trained eye for design and a strong expertise for the most cost-effective solutions. You simply need to tell us about the type of aesthetic you desire in your bathroom, what features are a must, a defined budget - and we’ll do the rest! Bonnyrigg Tiles’ bathroom renovations have continued to marvel across many homes and business in Sydney. For more information about the beautiful end results we’ve achieved for our clients, get in touch with us to find out more.

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Bathroom Renovations in Cabramatta

Re-invigorate your bathroom in Cabramatta with a well-informed bathroom renovation. A skilled eye and expert experience in renovating can provide great insight into the changes that will make your bathroom more valuable. To you, your family and potential buyers.  Enjoy the four walls and enclosure that your bathroom provides, with a bathroom renovation that can disguise small space, manage a solution for excellent storage or master your favourite colours and finishes.  We have everything you need at Bonnyrigg Tiles to bring beauty into your bathrooms. So, you can revel in quality, with the high attention to function and aesthetics in our bathroom supplies and tiles. Put together with the finest, industry-grade building tools and materials for immaculate and professional results. Our full team can handle all the requirements you have for a bathroom renovation.  At Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can have the full confidence of bringing your bathroom to whatever level that you are looking to go.  

All-in-One Bathroom Renovation

A Bathroom Renovation service in Cabramatta that looks after your bathroom, from start to finish:
  1. Design
    Accomplish the looks that you love in your bathroom. Let your renovators know what bathroom styles and décor you have been gravitating towards. And our team will put together products with the looks and finishes you desire together for a beautiful overall look. We’ll wait for your approval before going further in development. 
  1. Planning
    Once you have settled on a design, our team of renovation specialists go into the planning of how the work will commence. As well as how all the resulting tiles and fixtures will look in tandem, together. 
  1. Waterproofing
    Proficient waterproofing is crucial in any bathroom, to protect your home’s structure from moisture as well as water that gathers. Our renovation specialists ensure your bathroom’s waterproofing is up to scruff.
  1. Plumbing
    Our bathroom renovation specialists have the expertise to deal with all the plumbing, to set up and fully install new bathroom fittings. You don’t have to go looking anywhere else. 
  1. Electrical
    Our specialists also understand how to handle all the electrical work in your bathroom. After all, a fine-tuned bathroom renovation is truly elevated with excellent lighting. Modern bathroom lighting often uses backlights around your bathroom vanity mirror, counters and more. We let you know some options you can take to make your bathroom more well-lit and elegant.
  1. Tiling
    Beautiful tiles can make all the difference in your bathroom. We have all the latest and modern tastes in tiles, adding touches of warmth, cool, or soft and touchable textures to your bathroom. Our bathroom renovation team is backed with a suite of porcelain tiles and mosaic feature tiles to create stunning effects, down to the minutest details. 
  1. Painting
    Decorative concrete or half tiled bathrooms remain a fashionable look in the bathroom. Our bathroom renovation specialists are talented in a delivering a range of different painting styles and finishes. Our painting jobs provide a polished finish, for a neat look that is well tied together. 

Budget Solutions for Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations are no longer just for the rich. Our team can curate a bathroom renovation in Cabramatta that is within your budget. The specialists of our team work to find out the bathroom aesthetics you like and deliver solutions that are within reach. 

Why Bonnyrigg Tiles?

We stock only the highest quality of bathroom supplies, tiles and building materials. Bringing together some of the hottest styles in bathrooms, we are the place to go to for bathroom improvement.  Contact us for a discussion about our bathroom renovation team in Cabramatta today. Call us on (02) 8786 0288 or email us on sales@bonnyriggtiles.com.au.

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