Bathroom Renovation Fairfield

Bathroom Renovations in Fairfield

A well-tailored bathroom renovation can be accomplished through intelligent bathroom accessories. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are determined to stand in as your partner in creating stunning bathrooms. Our staff have put together an attractive collection of bathroom tiles, accessories, and fittings, following the latest modern styles in bathrooms. Our team specialised in bathroom renovations can cater to all your bathroom renovating needs in Fairfield. With our team’s knowledge and experience you can have all confidence to achieve a range of different popular bathroom styles.
Complete the Look with Stunning and Durable Designs – The Experts in Bathrooms
Stylish and Chic Bathrooms Chic bathrooms are all about accomplishing a polished look with refined and nuanced accents. Often put together with an overall light appearance with accentuating matte black or gold bathroom accessories, timber, pops of colour, and plants. Our bathroom renovation team can help you create the perfect canvas with marble, white mosaic, or glossy subway tiles. To master a clean and crisp open space for cleansing, mediating and relaxing. Ceramic subway tiles can be finished with white grout, but it has become to be even more known with black grout lines. To complete the look, our team’s designers finish the room with raw timber furniture, touches of black or colour, and plants.
Two Toned Bathrooms While many people love colour, most still gravitate towards an overall light and airy tone. That’s how two toned bathrooms have always been so popular. You can opt for half tiled bathroom walls, alternating between white and another colour in paint and tiles. These walls often open up the perfect opportunity to tie the space altogether with a beautiful colourful or geometric pattern.
Industrial Bathrooms While many modern bathrooms are white, yours doesn’t have to be. For lovers of black, our bathroom renovation specialists have learnt to master the industrial look. A darker, ashier bathroom may be the perfect place for you to end the day. With dark cobalt or blue stone wall tiles, that we can pair with warm copper lighting and a large vanity mirror. The large collection of Bonnyrigg Tiles offers a variety of patterns, textures, veins, hues, and shades.

High Quality Bathroom Supplies, Tiles and Accessories

Bathroom Tiles We provide a range of beautiful porcelain tiles in Fairfield at Bonnyrigg Tiles, that are exceptional in the bathroom. Porcelain tiles are known for their remarkable durability, hardiness, and resistance to wear and tear. They can also be crafted to a vast range of designs and appearances. And made from a very dense clay and fired at a high temperature, they provide a strong high-quality look that doesn’t easily deteriorate with water or stain. Porcelain tiles make a beautiful and low-maintenance alternative to natural stone, timber, and more. They also make the perfect canvas for geometric patterns, adding a little interest and fun to your bathroom.
Bathroom Accessories Like the icing on the cake, the bathroom accessories that you install add the finishing touches that elevate your bathroom space in Fairfield. Our products employ a range of different simple and tasteful shapes with the fine-tuned polish of stainless steel or chrome. As well as the soft and fashionable ashy black matte finishes in our towel racks, towel rings, robe hooks and more. Contact us today to find out more about our Bathroom Renovation specialists in Fairfield. Call (02) 8786 0288 or email us on