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Experience what remedying bathroom design feels like. Our bathroom renovations are focused on your satisfaction, with elegant detail at an affordable cost.

Bathroom Renovation

Freshness Inspired by Modern and Contemporary Design

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are focused on that fresh new feeling! Our bathroom renovators satisfy clients with bespoke custom designs, tailored to their style, preferences of use and budget. We’ve mastered the balance of beautiful results and high quality products, with a trained eye for design and a strong expertise for the most cost-effective solutions. You simply need to tell us about the type of aesthetic you desire in your bathroom, what features are a must, a defined budget - and we’ll do the rest! Bonnyrigg Tiles’ bathroom renovations have continued to marvel across many homes and business in Sydney. For more information about the beautiful end results we’ve achieved for our clients, get in touch with us to find out more.

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Budget Bathroom Renovations & Makeovers in Sydney

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have the best modern bathroomware with some of the latest bathroom fixtures and fittings. We also have beautiful solutions to small and larger bathrooms with a team that specialises in bathroom renovations in Sydney. Our team is talented with a full suite of experience in what they do. They can take care of all your bathroom renovations needs, whether you want to renovate a small bathroom, keep within a certain budget, or go for a big luxurious bathroom makeover!

On Trend Bathroom Makeovers

Our bathroom renovation team keeps up with all the latest styles and tastes. Knowing what looks good, in colour, shades, finishes and more – as well as how to help you achieve them. You can picture a new bathroom with the illustrious shine and gleam of an immaculate white finish. Dream of marble looking surfaces for walls and floors. Or make your bathroom uniquely soothing with timber look porcelain. Whatever it is you dream – you can go forth with all confidence with the bathroom renovation team. They will fulfill the requirements to achieve the exact look that you are going for. Whether you want a full or partial bathroom makeover, with new tiles, supplies or fittings!

Small Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

When you have a small bathroom space, you may often find getting ready in the morning or for bed a little frustrating now and then. Take the liberty of intelligent design to make your small bathroom look big! A skilled small bathroom renovation can create the illusion of more space, making a sense of more area to the eye. All while making the most use of the space that you have. With receded in-wall shelfing, bathroom counters or vanities, you can also get more out of your storage for added convenience.

Budget Bathroom Renovations

It doesn’t have to cost the world to create a more beautiful bathroom. Our team can work with you to come up with realistic but stunning changes that stick within your budget. Budget bathroom renovations can be very fulfilling, giving you a fresher appearance with new finishes, shades and textures. Backed by Bonnyrigg Tiles’ bathroom fittings, cost-effective bathroom makeovers can be made to subtly change the whole feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings in Sydney

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles provide all your bathroom fittings, tiles, and construction materials - all at one place! Fashionable and versatile bathroomware uplifts and elevates the feel of your bathroom. Giving you a range of attractive products for marvellous design ideas to spring into.

Bathtubs -

While having a bath isn’t a go to method for cleansing as it once was before, there is nothing quite like a long hot soak after a stressful week. We have a range of freestanding bathtubs and back to wall tubs that offer a luxurious white shiny finish. Their simple and tasteful style provide a beautiful contemporary touch to your bathroom. Bonnyrigg Tiles baths are made with Lucite acrylic, for excellent shaping and easy low maintenance. We have some of the best bathroom fixtures to look after all your bathing and hygiene needs.

Bath Vanity -

A bathroom vanity is where people often move to get ready in the morning. With large round backlit mirrors and a strong sturdy countertop, it’s an easy way to feel beautiful at the start of each new day. We can quickly accomplish a strong and newly present look to your bathroom with a vanity. They provide all the storage, basin, and counter space that you need to get ready. Whilst there are many that look to put their own bathroom vanity or counter together themselves, there is no ease or convenience quite like buying your own all-in-one vanity solution. Our range provides a great choice of finishes, with kickboard, wall-hung and legged build varieties.

Basins -

Once a heavily overlooked bathroom fixture, a carefully selected basin has become a designer’s best friend. Pop out basins stun with an eccentric touch of something different. With wider or deeper basins providing an impressive amount of utility. Bonnyrigg Tiles’ bathroom fixtures and fittings, both large and small, come with a great variety of aesthetics and applicatory uses. We have all the bathroom fixtures and fittings you are looking for to complete a highly put together look and function in your bathroom!

Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain tiles can accomplish anything. Strong, hardwearing, and scratch resistant, they promise timeless value and use. Bringing you a beautiful finish that won’t soon fade. As porcelain tiles can be printed on and heavily customised, we are able to provide a range of high sought designs. Expertly curated for your pleasure! We have a range of indoor porcelain tiles, mastering the likeliness of different stone:
  • Travertine-look Tiles
  • Marble-look Tiles
  • Silverstone-look Tiles
  • Graphite-look Tiles
  • Concrete-look Tiles
  • And High Gloss Ceramic Tiles
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