Building Supplies Parramatta

Building Supplies in Parramatta

Accomplish a professional finish with the right building supplies specified to your application. Find all the building supplies and tools you need in our comprehensive range of products in Bonnyrigg Tiles. We have the adhesives, grout, primers, additives, sands, cement, sealers, cleaners, silicone and waterproofing you need for residential and construction project. With some of the most competitive prices and high grade products, our store has developed a strong following in Parramatta. Many builders, contractors, stonemasons, and home renovators in Parramatta look to us for their supplies. As leading suppliers of building supplies for over 20 years in Western Sydney, we can assist you in connecting with all the right products for your project.
Great Quality Products & Brands
Bonnyrigg Tiles stocks some of the biggest and trusted brands for residential construction such as Boral, Davco, CTA, Bostik, etc. So, you can back your projects with the best industry grade products, to master a professional finish.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

We offer building supplies in Parramatta at competitively affordable prices. We also deliver our products conveniently Sydney wide. For your added convenience and savings on cost, you can come to our location to pick up your order and save on delivery.

In-Demand Building Supplies on Offer

Mortar – Used to lay bricks, blocks, and tiles, mortar is an essential building material in most construction projects. Concrete – We provide various options in cement for creating concrete. You can choose between concrete mixes, different coloured cement, and sand and cement mixes. So that you can have apt solutions for garden beds, shower floors, walkways, and driveways. Clay – We also provide builder’s clay, ideal for bricks, as a mortar plasticiser and a general purpose filler in construction. Mortar with the addition of builder’s clay becomes softer and more elastic and flexible for easier use.

Purchase Sand Specialised to Your Application

River Sand – River sand has soft and round particles, formed from the flowing motion of water. It makes river sand an ideal sand for drainage. It is a sand that contains some clay which makes for better footing in outdoor landscaping applications. As a consequence, it is also perfect for top dressing, levelling, and soil amendments. It is also often used for making concrete. White Brick Sand – This sand is a thick and fatty sand filled with a high clay content. It makes an ideal sand for bricks and block work, and unlike yellow brick sand delivers a clear bright finish. It is also highly sought for mortar applications where builders desire lighter coloured joint lines. Washed Sydney Sand – Sourced from Sydney beaches, our Sydney sand is washed to remove clay, salt and other impurities. As such, it is a versatile sand suited for a range of applications. You can use it for plastering, rendering, tiling grouting, concreting, as well as garden landscaping. It also can be used in its raw form in sand pits or swept into joints between pavers.
Shop Our Comprehensive Range of Tiling Supplies At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we provide all you need to set up your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or outdoors with beautiful tiles. If you are a homeowner in Parramatta, our skilled sales staff offer you the best advice in selecting new tiles. Along with professional tiling services for a start to finish experience. For builders, contractors, and DIY renovators, we have all the building supplies and tiling tools to cater to every stage of the application. So, you can waterproof, prime, level, lay tiles and grout in confidence. Contact us today to learn more! Ask us about our building supplies or other services at (02) 8786 0288.