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Building Supplies in Smithfield NSW

Bonnyrigg Tiles offers a range of building supplies and materials in Smithfield for building professionals and home renovators. We are an experienced supplier with over 20 years of experience. Our sales staff can help assist you with selecting the right building supplies specialised to your application. Our comprehensive range stocks a suite of adhesives, grout, primers, additives, sands, cement, sealers, cleaners, silicone and waterproofing, to help you look after all the steps in tiling or bathroom renovating. Featuring the trusted known brands for a professional, industry-grade finish.
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Stone & Tile Cleaners –
Maintain your stone and tiles properly with the right cleaners in our range of building supplies. Use the right cleaners to maintain your stone and tiles properly. Regular maintenance ensures your stone and tiles stay in beautiful condition. Preventing the build-up of soap scum, water deposits, and stains. Which helps you keep the room smelling fresh, polished, and clean! Aqua Mix has been voted number one for cleaning and sealing stone, tiles, and grout for 7 years in a row. With its neutral pH and high level performance for the everyday, you surely will soon want nothing else.
Penetrating & Impregnating Sealers - Before installation, it is important to seal your tiles or stone. We provide the leading products, with Aqua Mix’s Penetrating Sealer and the Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold. Sealing natural stone is crucial, especially when the surface is very porous. The dense nature of porcelain or ceramic tiles does not require much sealing, except for a light layer of penetrating sealer to fill in the micro pores. Aqua Mix sealers have low VOC, and is water based. And therefore, is designed to break down in the environment quickly and safely.

On-Demand Construction Materials in Smithfield, Delivered Sydney Wide

We offer much of the bread and butter in our range of building materials for your residential and commercial construction.
  • Mortar & Adhesives – We stock a range of Laticrete, Davco, Prohesive and more to deliver on your tiling needs. Letting you connect tiles, brick and blocks together for an industry grade finish.
  • Cement and Concrete Mixes – Boral cement and concrete mixes offer a fantastic finish for garden beds, shower floors, levelling and more. We also stock different sand and aggregate to complete your concrete mixes.
  • Building Clay – Builders clay makes for a great plasticiser for mortar, to make it flexible, elastic, and easier to work with. Builders also use this clay for bricks, or as a general filler.
  • Grout – We offer a large selection of grout from black to white, as well as grout in different colours. Our range of grout is flexible, and cement based. We also classify these building supplies for what purposes or joint lines they work with best.

Sand for Sale and Convenient Delivery in Smithfield

Bonnyrigg Tiles supplies different options in sand for mortar, concrete, top dressing and more.
  • River Sand – River sand has some clay content and round particles, which makes for some excellent draining applications. It is an ideal sand for top dressing, levelling and on horse trotting grounds.
  • White Brick Sand – The high clay content in your sand for workably concrete. It is a sand that works well for making bricks and mortar, especially when a brighter finish is needed.
  • Washed Sydney Sand – A beach sand that has been washed to remove salt and other impurities. It is a versatile sand that can cover a multitude of sand-based construction applications.
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