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When you’re preparing to complete your next project, it is important to stock up with the right adhesives for the job. The right products can sometimes make all the difference between messier lines and an immaculate finish. That is why it’s important, with all at stake, to utilize the products of name brands you trust.  We bring you some of the best trusted brands such as Davco adhesives, Sika Products, CTA adhesives, Laticrete, Bondall, and more. In addition to these brand product ranges, we also have common builder favourites like Addflex plus, Power Mastic and Efflock.  Specialised and stocked with all the products that give you ease of use and handling, proficient bonding, durability, etc. For the results that tiling professionals are known for!

Sika Products – Sikaflex Adhesives

Create sustainable, strong yet lighter structures with Sikaflex products and adhesives.  Sikaflex products were first founded in 1910 in Switzerland.  Since then, Sika products have built a reputation for sustainability. Winning the 2019 Swiss Technology Award for new innovative, adhesive technology. Builders have found that they can achieve a 50% reduction in weight of structures, through Sikapower adhesives.  Sikaflex adhesives and wider range of products are perfectly suited for different purposes in construction such as bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting. You can use Sikaflex adhesives for adhesion to concrete, buildings, roofing, flooring, in commercial, residential, and industrial premises.

Davco Adhesives – Davco Tile Adhesives

Take advantage of rapid setting and high performance with Davco tile adhesives. Both professionals and DIY homeowners have relied on Davco’s range of tile adhesives, such as their impressive Davco SMP, since it has been conceived. Founded and manufactured in Australia in 1972, Davco adhesives has been a proud Australian market leader for tile adhesives for over 40 years. Davco adhesives has manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, and is now a part of the Sika group.   At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we’re happy to help offer you a wide range of Davco adhesives. Bringing you a multitude of tile adhesives, each designed to suit a different specialised application. 
  • Davco Powder Mastic Tile Adhesive – Ideal for large format tiles. Davco powder mastic tile adhesive features a lot of the latest in Davco’s research and development, such as their own innovative dust less technology. The powder mastic is a flexible cement tile adhesive, that is well suited for both commercial and domestic use.
  • Davco SMP Evo – Designed to be perfectly suited for ‘stone, marble and porcelain tiles’, this premium Davco tiling adhesive has a strong bond. You will find SMP evo is perfect for light coloured stone such as marble or quartzite. Builders and contractors can also find that the Davco SMP is also ideal for swimming pools, and over under-foot tile heating. SMP evo is non-shrink for a beautifully clean and professional finish. 
  • Davco Lanko 173 – In addition to the Davco’s range of adhesives, Davco also produces excellent systems for construction such as the Lanko 173 levelling system. Lanko 173 is ideally used for repairing cracks, small holes, and depressions to make a solid smooth surface, that is ready for tiling. 
Find a Davco adhesive ideal for your application. Shop Davco SMP Evo, Davco Powder Mastic Tile Adhesive, Lanko 173 and more adhesives in our collection!

Construction Technologies Australia – CTA Adhesives

Lay tiles with strong and flexible adhesives with the range of CTA adhesives.  Our experts have curated a wide range of CTA adhesives for your use, with Proflex, Megapro, Pro Maxset, and more.
  • Proflex – A high bond CTA adhesive, Proflex has been especially made for extended flexibility and coverage. It is a CTA adhesive designed to move well with structures susceptible to thermal movement. Leaving a minimum of less than 0.9mm crack bridging capability. Proflex is suitable for terracotta, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. You can use Proflex for tiling walls and floors, indoors and outdoors. As well as over existing tiles, green screeds, plasterboards, waterproofing membranes, and more. 
  • Megapro – A CTA adhesive with a good bond strength. Megapro is flexible, has a smooth consistency, and appears in a brilliant white finish, that compliments light coloured stone and glass mosaic tiles. Megapro is a CTA adhesive suited only for indoor applications in walls and floors. You can use Megapro for ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and glass mosaic tiles. It adheres to concrete, cement render, waterproofing membranes, plasterboards, and more. 
  • Pro Maxset – An adhesive with a high bond strength, designed to install most types of tiles. Pro Maxset is suitable to work with terracotta, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and glass mosaic tiles, for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use Pro Maxset also for large and heavy tiles. 

Laticrete – Lataflex Gold & Laticrete 335

Tile walls and floors with an eco-conscious with Laticrete’s green products and robust adhesives.  Laticrete has become first tile material manufacturer to gain the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s (GEI) certification for low VOC products that fit the highest eco-friendly standards.  Our Laticrete adhesives in our range such as the Laticrete 335 and Lataflex Gold are both strong and versatile for laying tiles in an array of different applications.
  • Laticrete 335 is a premium, high performing adhesive for thing beds. Suitable for a wide range of tiles, with a minimal water absorption rate. 
  • Lataflex Gold is a strong polymer fortified adhesive, suitable for both indoor and outdoor floors. 

Bondall - Bondcrete

Bond tiles to cement with an Australian favourite; Bondall Bondcrete! Bondall has gained a reputation for extremely strong and versatile bonding and sealing. With products also in waterproofing, timber protective coat, water resistant bonding and sealing.
  • Bondall Bondcrete – Bondcrete is a universal bonding agent versatile for a range of different types of use. Builders have been using Bondall Bondcrete for tiling, patching, sealing rendering and other cement based applications. Bondcrete is suitable not just for tiling but woodwork, screeding and more. 

What else does Bonnyrigg Tiles have in stock? 

There’s so many name brands and products to consider, but don’t you forget about more of our proficient products listed below. 
  • Power Mastic is a high grade adhesive for construction used to bond tiles to a range of different construction grade material such as concrete, plywood, asphalt and more. In construction, mastic is used as both a joint sealer and filler. Power Mastic does the job proficiently, even with weighty materials. 
  • An additive that you often don’t want to miss in concrete is Efflock. This advanced concrete additive repels dampness to prevent efflorescence, loss of water in the construction materials. Efflock brings a complete and permanent hydrophobic impregnation to concrete, that stands through the test of time, movement tears and high traffic use. 
  • Atlas Tile Adhesives’ Addflex is a rubber modified tile adhesive in an off white colour. Addflex is perfect for large format tiles with its non-slump properties. With a fast setting power, that works with a range of substrates such as concrete, plasterboard, F/C sheets and render. 
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