Proficient Waterproofing Solutions

When it comes to renovating or creating a new bathroom, waterproofing is a crucial step that you can never miss.  Waterproofing floors and walls help protect your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry from dust and moisture. Ensuring that not just your tiles, but the structure of your home, stays strong and intact. We at Bonnyrigg Tiles bring you the best trusted brands in primers and waterproofing. So that you can be assured of the best professional waterproofing solution in Sydney. 

Proficient Primer and Waterproofing Solutions

Before you start tiling, it is important to set the scene with a primer and waterproof membrane to protect your floors and strengthen adhesion.  We have a strong range of primers and waterproofing, stocked full of trusted name brands such as Aquablok, Davco, ASA Dampfix, Laticrete, ECO Systems, and Davco. We have solutions catered to different types of tiles, and levels of waterproofing requirements – from bathrooms to pools – so you can always count on finding a primer and waterproofing solution for your exact application. Our waterproofing is flexible, water-based and in the case of K10 Plus – conveniently ready to use. 

Ready to Go - Davco K10 Plus

The Davco K10 Plus has built a solid reputation for a handy and convenient, professional waterproofing solution.  It’s ready to use waterproofing, that you can easily use straight out of the bucket. The water-based polyurethane membrane for waterproofing, available in grey or green. K10 Plus is perfect for general use waterproofing for walls and floors, in domestic and commercial applications. Remember to always prime the area before waterproofing. 

Fibre Reinforced - Aquablok WPU

Aquablok WPU is a water based, has low levels of VOCs, UV stable and forms a flexible waterproofing membrane. The Aquablok WPU waterproof membrane can adhere to an array of substrates. The added fibre materials in the polyurethane reinforces the membrane, providing more strength for durability and crack bridging.  It’s a great solution for waterproofing under tiles, shower recesses, decks, balconies and more. 

Intelligent Sydney Waterproofing 

Waterproofing is an essential application for the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room of every Sydney home.  At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we give detailed product descriptions for each listing to help you decide from the get-go on the right products for your application. Many of our waterproofing and primers bear the follow factors below: 
  • Water Based – Water-based waterproofing membranes are an environmentally friendly solution compared to the once universally used solvents. Providing a versatile and easy to clean up application. 
  • Flexible – Flexibility is important for waterproofing membranes and primers to be laid over structural slabs and concrete. The flexibility of the membrane allows it to stretch to fill in cracks and move with the shifts of the building. Ensuring long time adhesion and security. 
  • Load Bearing – Strength and the ability to bear a load is important especially in high traffic areas in a commercial premise or a home. Load bearing primers and waterproofing add strength to your bathroom or kitchen floor tiles, for longer lasting beautiful floors. 
  • Polyurethane – Polyurethane provides a strong, flexible material perfect for many applications in cushioning, bonding, and sealing. Polyurethane has been used in many construction, automotive and marine grade tapes. In waterproofing, it delivers durability, support and resistance to your walls and floors. 

Practical Waterproof Primers

You have heard that any painting job needs coatings of waterproofing membrane to protect the walls from moisture, dust, pin holing, etc. However, this is also incredibly true when it comes to tiling. When you are looking to renovate or install a new bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or pool, you need both the proper waterproofing solutions and waterproof primers to ensure efficient results.  Our store brings you primers that are ideal for both adhering the waterproofing membrane and strengthening the bond of your new tiles. 
  • Eco Systems Prep N Prime – A waterproof primer designed and created to aid adhesion for waterproofing membranes and tiles on existing tiles, metal, and other smooth non-porous surfaces. 
  • Davco Ultraprime – An acrylic surface primer that strengthens adhesion for tiles and waterproofing membranes to a level concrete surface. Suitable for both interior and external applications, walls, and floors.

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