Calacatta Tiles for the Bathroom

Porcelain. Matt/Polished. Available in 300×300, 300×600, 600×600, 400×800, 600×1200.

Create opulence with Calacatta tiles in the bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, nothing is as extravagant as marble.
And when it comes to marble, there’s nothing that’s as luxurious as Calacatta.

A metamorphic rock, marble starts its life out as limestone that is then heated and pressed down upon through the top existing layers of the earth’s crust. The results are a smooth, milky and often white rock with the classically iconic grey veining.

In the Calacatta species of marble, the veining is bold and prominent, and the white background is brighter, making it a gold standard today in marble.

However with only a finite amount of marble in Italy’s mountains, it’s becoming ever harder and more expensive to use this material in your bathroom. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, in addition to the natural, raw species of marble we bring you beautiful Calacatta look tiles to complete your bathroom. In a way that’s both splendid and affordable!

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Why Calacatta ?

When people think luxury bathrooms, they often think of marble in a bright white. Calacatta marble has the virtue of brightness in its base, with stronger and more dramatic veining that makes it an addition that’s hard to miss. Veins can range from the more recognised dark grey to beige, brown and gold. Calacatta tiles bring that sense of the palatial in the bathroom. Once used in Greek and Roman grand buildings, statues, and public bathing areas of high society, even just a touch of it can make your bathroom feel more extravagant.

Concerns & Limitations

While Calacatta marble is an undeniably beautiful material, it is not without its flaws in use. Marble is a soft stone, which makes it susceptible to staining. For this reason, many families with kids will not consider using Calacatta tiles in their bathroom when it comes to flooring. Calacatta marble requires regular sealing, gentler cleaning products and shouldn’t be cleaned with harsh bristles, to preserve its strength and beauty.

In contrast to this, Calacatta look tiles made from porcelain or ceramic offer a perseverance in the bathroom that natural marble simply cannot:

  • Calacatta look porcelain and ceramic tiles are more durable and less prone to stains.
  • Calacatta look tiles are easier to maintain.
  • Calacatta look tiles are more affordable.
  • Porcelain design technology offers a remarkable resemblance to marble
  • A wide variety of design possibilities are available in porcelain and ceramic

For those that want the best of both worlds, Calacatta look tiles can be an excellent choice for durable floors with unique natural Calacatta for your bathroom walls

Calacatta Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Create a harmonious feeling of elegance with polished Calacatta tiles for your bathroom walls. Available in both polished and matt finishes, you can choose how to display rare dramatic white and grey patterns. Polished surfaces add shine where matt adds more subtility with a beach cave-like feel. It’s a stylish choice to tile all your bathroom walls with these tiles, or top to bottom with different size formats to add contrast and dimension.

Calacatta Look Tiles for Bathroom floors

Create soothing indulgence, with a gentler touch with Calacatta tiles for your bathroom floors.

Grey, beige, blue, teal, white or cream walls pair with marble floors, to complete the space with a well curated touch. Calacatta marble add beautiful interest and prestige to walls that can otherwise feel too simple or bare. While natural marble may be prone to etching, fading and stains, Calacatta look tiles provide an ample solution for luxury with longevity.

Confused about where to start with your marble bathroom renovation? Talk to our experts at Bonnyrigg Tiles (02) 8786 0288 for the best experience. Our specialists have a great eye for design and liveability, offering solutions with affordability and good honest advice.