What are the different textures of tiles available?
Bonnyrigg has the largest collection of indoor tiles, feature tiles, bathroom tiles, external tiles and modern kitchen tiles. All of which are available in several patterns, textures, finishes and colour options. You can choose the ones you desire based on your preferences and bathroom style. We are one of the best bathroom tiles’ showrooms in Sydney.
What are the different sizes of tiles available for the wall and floor?
The modern bathroom tiles are available in several size options. Generally, bathroom feature wall tiles are larger in size than bathroom floor tiles. You can also choose porcelain or ceramic tiles in Sydney for bathroom walls and floors. Some example of sizes we carry are 200 x 200, 200 x 300, 300x 300, 300 x 600, 600 x 600, 450 x 900, 600 x 1200 and many more.
Can a floor tile be used on the wall and vice-versa?
A floor tile can be used for the wall. However, a wall tile can not be used for the floor. The composition of a wall tile is not made to endure the weight of being on the floor. Be sure to check with your sales representative to ensure you are selecting the right tile for your project.
How can I choose a suitable floor tile?
When choosing tiles you should consider the overall pattern and design, the tile finish and size. Tiles usually come in a matt, hone, semi-polish, polish or external finish and depending on the living area some finishes are more suitable than others. For example, for the floor in the bathroom it is recommended to fix a matt finish tile or in an outdoor area it is recommended to fix a tile with an external finish to reduce the risk of slips. Utilise our in-store specialists to help you choose the right tiles for your floor.
When ordering tiles how much extra should I buy?
It is advised to order 10% extra of total area for wastage. There may be more wastage depending on the ways the tiles are laid and for breakages. In addition, it is also recommended to have a couple boxes spare to allow for damages and cracked tile repairs.
Looking for bathroom makeovers in Sydney?
Your search ends at Bonnyrigg Tiles. We provide the best bathroom supplies in Sydney. We have a wide range of bathroom accessories in Sydney. Our bathroom accessories and cheap bathroom accessories will add more grandeur to your bathroom and improve its appearance. We also have a wide range of vanities and toilet suites in Sydney. These toilet suites are made from some of the best quality materials. Our cheap bathroom vanities are available in various sizes and patterns to suit every bathroom project. They have high utility value and will be a perfect addition to your bathroom.
What brands of bathroom accessories do you carry?
We have supply some of the finest bathroom ware for bathroom makeovers in Sydney and have a large range supplies in Sydney. We are also known for our attention to detail and quest for perfection. Some of the leading brands of bathroom accessories associated with us include Cee Jay Bathroom ware, RAK Ceramics, Fienza, KDK and much more.
What type of vanities can I use in my bathroom remodel?
You can use any type of bathroom vanities that complement your bathroom space. A bathroom vanity is one of the most important parts of the bathroom and must be chosen carefully. Bathroom vanities have high utility value and provide you with great space for keeping your bathroom essentials tidy. The bathroom accessories that Bonnyrigg supplies will surely steal the show and add more beauty to your space.
How much do toilet suites and bathtubs cost in Sydney?
We have a large range of toilet suites you can choose from in Sydney. The price of toilet suites depends upon several factors such as brand, design, style, shape, dimensions and much more.
Why is Bonnyrigg tapware the best choice for kitchen and bathroom products?
Bonnyrigg is one of the most trusted names for tiles, accessories, and bathroom tapware in Sydney. We are known for our exceptional quality products and at reasonable prices. We have the largest collection of exquisite and designer tapware in Sydney. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can be assured about the quality of our products and superior customer service.
What warranty do you have on your tapware at Bonnyrigg Tiles?
We are one of the leading suppliers of bathroom tapware in Sydney. We are known for our exceptional quality products and great customer service. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we offer a warranty on all our tapware in store. The duration will depend on our manufacturing company. Please check with our team of experts in store to find out the warranty period.
Do I have to use the same brand of tapware to match my existing taps?
No, it is not necessary to choose the same brand of tapware. You can change the brand according to your preferences. We have some of the largest variety of bathroom tapware available in Sydney. Connect with our experts now to know more about our tapware options.
What water-saving taps do you recommend?
There are many bathroom tapware options that are available on the market. Most of our products are water-saving and help you save water. Some of the leading water-saving taps include tapware from Cee Jay, Millenium, Fienza, Roma and more.
How do I clean my tapware?
We are one of the largest suppliers of bathroom tapware in Sydney. All our tapware is made from the finest quality materials and does not require much maintenance. Occasional cleaning with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent can help you get it looking gleaming and shiny.
What materials and tools are needed for tile installation?
Some of the tile tools that are required for tile installation includes a adhesives, spirit level, spacers, wedges, tile nipper, grout rake, finishing towel, gauging trowel, grout float, squeegee and many more. The tile tool required depends upon the size and requirements of your project.
What grout spacing do I need between tiles?
The grout space required between the tiles depends upon the type of tile you plan to lay. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, our spacers will allow you create spaces between 1mm to 10mm. The tile spacers assist you to get the desired grout space with minimal efforts. Connect with our expert team now for any technical advice and assistance.
Do I need lots of special tools for tiling?
No, there are a few basic tiling tools that are required for laying tiles. We have the largest collection of exclusive tiling tools in Sydney that can help you to get the desired finish with ease.
What is the best tool to choose?
The tools you need depend on your project and expertise. Bonnyrigg Tiles will present you with a wide range of tilling tools in Sydney to assist you. These tools are sure to meet all your project requirements and ensure professional tiling finish.
Where can I find more information about my specific project?
Stay in touch with us and connect with our experts for more information on tilling tools in Sydney and various types of tiles, finishing options that are trending. Our experts have in depth knowledge of the industry and always keep themselves updated with all the latest information.
Do you build a vanity cabinet or just doors?
We are one of the most professional bathroom makeovers companies in Sydney. We build all kinds of bathroom cabinets at the most competitive prices. We are known for our attention to detail and constant endeavour to update our product list.
What is the approval process?
Our team of experts makes sure to take a complete brief from the client before suggesting their products. We also welcome any suggestions or modifications required by the client. Being one of the big names in the field of bathroom accessories in Sydney, we make sure that we communicate transparently in all our departments and strive to provide professional service.
What warranty does Bonnyrigg tapware offer?
We offer a warranty on all our Bonnyrigg Tapware subject to that supplied by the brand and manufacturing company. Please check with our team of experts to know about the warranty on tapware. We are one of the leading suppliers of bathroom tapware in Sydney. We are known for our exceptional quality products and great customer service.

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