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Bathroom Basin Mixer Taps in Sydney

Bonnyrigg Tiles has a valuable stylish range of basin mixer taps in Sydney for your bathroom.  In contrast to using two separate taps to control the output of hot and cold water, a basin mixer allows you to precisely achieve the temperature you want in one go. Which makes them the modern solution for bathing, washing hands and even performing jobs in the kitchen.  Our collection of bathroom mixers offers some of the most beloved tastes in modern styles. You can select from distinctive finishes in stainless steel, matte black, brushed nickel, or chrome. As well as short or high rise, round or square basin mixer designs. Our wide range allows you to tailor your choice in tapware, to expertly achieve the statement you have been looking for.  

The Benefits of Basin Mixer Taps 

Better Temperature Control – Navigate to the temperature you enjoy quickly and stay there. Save time – Easy to use, basin mixer taps save you time and focus from navigating temperature control and flow with just one fixture. Water Efficiency – Most mixer taps are used with a flow limiter so that too much water is not used from hot and cold water at once. This assistance also saves on the amount of heat used, and therefore the water and energy you use. Savings – By using less hot water, you also get to save more money on costs!

Bathroom Mixer Designs

Elevate the look of your bathroom by selecting the right basin mixer tap for your bathroom vanity. 

Contemporary shapes and styles in our range of bathroom mixers

High rise – High rise basin mixer taps make the perfect choice for pop out basins. Bonnyrigg Tiles has several choices in square, round, and gooseneck shapes.  Short – A short basin mixer is a popular choice for drop in and lower sitting basins.  Round – Cylinder tower basins provide a great minimalist stylish touch to your bathroom vanity area. The round base and shape complement other round shapes in your bathroom, whether in your bathroom basin or vanity mirror.   Square – For a more robust or corporate look, you can try going for a square framed bathroom basin mixer tap. A complimentary style to square bathroom basins and mirrors. Co-ordinating with the same or similar shapes and hues is a great way to bring together a well-designed look in your bathroom. Gooseneck – While gooseneck basin mixer taps are a favourite in the Australian kitchen, there’s nothing stopping you from using this elegant style as well in the bathroom. A gooseneck bathroom mixer can provide a great stylistic choice for pop out basins. It has also occasionally been a choice for designers who were trying to achieve a softer deconstructed look, for a more organic bathroom.

Complete the look with the right finish

Stainless Steel Stainless steel bathroom mixers create a largely sophisticated look that doesn’t stain, rust and is resistant to corrosion. They can have a faintly blue tone. Stainless steel tapware provides a lot of beauty and shine to your bathroom, while only needing low maintenance.  Matte Black –  Matte black adds a distinctive statement to your bathroom. It can be a great way to bring out the textured patterns in your tiles, or the black grout lines paired with white subway tiles. Black basin mixer taps are a great way to add interest to your bathroom vanity area. Adding contrast to lighter bathrooms and adding more depth to darker spaces.   Chrome Chrome basin mixers have a remarkable shine, more so than stainless steel. Chrome bathroom basin mixer taps are a great design accent for modern and industrial style bathrooms. Its shine also means it also lends itself well to white bathrooms, putting together a look that’s light and crisp.  Brushed Nickel Brushed nickel basin mixers often have more of a subtle yellow tone. As a result, it is a finish that lends itself to warmer toned bathrooms. With a somewhat more semi-satin finish, it can in some instances resemble stainless steel.

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