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Kitchen Mixer Taps in Sydney

Bonnyrigg Tiles offers a range of sophisticated kitchen sink mixer taps to complete the function and aesthetic of your kitchen.  In the kitchen, any time you can save is always valuable. Which is why kitchen mixers make an excellent investment! A sink mixer tap comes with only one switch and has been designed to allow you to achieve the right temperature and output you desire in one go.  We bring a range of styles, functions, and finishes to you with our kitchen mixer tapware collection. So, you can achieve the beautiful modern look you want in your kitchen.

Kitchen Mixer Tapware - Advantages

  • Better Temperature – Quickly get the exact temperature you desire.
  • More Space – A high rise goose neck or square neck sink mixer offers more vertical space to wash large pots and pans in the sink. 
  • More Convenience – Control the temperature and output of your water with only one switch, and without the tightness. 
  • More Savings – Most sink mixer taps have a limiter to give out a steady flow to prevent against using two much water from both valves. This means less wasted water, and possibly less hot water usage and more savings!

Create a Polished Statement with Renowned Design

At Bonnyrigg Tiles we have a range of kitchen mixers that cater to different shapes, finishes and designs. Bringing you the latest and most modern mixer tapware in the kitchen.  High Rise – Taller sink mixers provide a great utility to offer more vertical space for stacking, washing, and cleaning dishes. We have an attractive range of high rise sink mixer taps at Bonnyrigg Tiles. Offering you the best in modern aesthetic and kitchen function. Goose neck - Gooseneck kitchen mixers have become a favourite feature in interior design for fresh and very versatile kitchens.  Squareline neck – Squareline mixers have a delightful sleek light-weight appearance that can swivel for great versatility.  Square neck – Square base and high rise sink mixer taps offer a sleek and crisp design in the kitchen. Square necks often also come with a swivel design feature to navigate between two different sinks.  Swivel – A swivel kitchen mixer has often become a need in the kitchen as dual kitchen sinks have become more popular for cleaning. We have a range of kitchen mixer taps designed to swivel to bring you more utility and ease of use in the kitchen.  Pull Out Spray – An excellent additional feature in the latest kitchen technologies and designs, a pull out spray head sometimes is a feature of a gooseneck sink mixer. This feature allows you to pull down and navigate sprayed water over items, for easy rinsing or cleaning. We have a range of gooseneck sink mixers with this feature. Allowing you some choice if you want this convenience in your kitchen. Flared Nozzle – A flared nozzle gooseneck kitchen mixer provides a bit more width in water output in comparison to slimmer designs. We offer both in our range of kitchen mixer taps at Bonnyrigg Tiles. 

Choices in Metallic Finishes

Chrome – High shine and lustre

Chrome has a bright and brilliant lustre that is unmatched. It has a bit of a cool tone, that lends itself well to cool and light spaces. Bonnyrigg Tiles has a range of kitchen sink mixer taps in chrome, to add elegance to your kitchen. 

Stainless Steel – Durable shine and lustre

Stainless steel offers a low maintenance solution to wet areas like the kitchen. Stainless steel sink mixers are resistant to rust, stains, and corrosion. Which makes it an excellent choice for high use. Bonnyrigg Tiles provides a range of kitchen mixer taps in stainless steel to complete a timelessly attractive look in your kitchen. 

Matte Black – Sleek modern industrial style

Matte black creates a statement with a distinguished satin appearance. It looks great in kitchens that play with different neutral tones in white, grey, or black. A matte black kitchen mixer tap adds drama and contrast. 

Brushed Nickel – Vintage Warmth 

Brushed nickel adds a sense of warmth into your kitchen. It adds a bit of vintage charm to the space which makes it great for more rustic or farmhouse style kitchens. We have a collection of brushed nickel sink mixers to cater to the vintage lover anywhere in Sydney. 

Explore the Sink Mixer Range in Sydney!

We have a beautiful range of kitchen mixers at Bonnyrigg Tiles to provide the apt solution for your kitchen. So, people all over Sydney can select a kitchen mixer tap that fits their requirements in style, function, convenience, and design.

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