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Laundry Mixer Tapware

It may be a small room, but it is hard to overlook the importance of your laundry.  Bonnyrigg Tiles provides a range of tapware for the laundry or utility room. To add function, convenience, and style to the places you need it most.  Elevate your laundry room facilities into the modern era with the latest functions of mixer tapware. In comparison to using the traditional two separate hot and cold taps, mixer taps bring together both for the best experience and ease of use. We have designed our range of laundry tapware to work with and accommodate the common needs of your laundry room. So, you can keep clothes and items clean, whether they have been sullied inside or outside the home. 

Why is there still a need for the laundry sink?

When you have a washing machine and dryer it can often be easy for new homeowners to consider the laundry sink and tapware redundant. After all, doesn’t one machine already do the job? However, it is important to note that some clothes will require a gentler approach than the traditional spin cycle that washing machines use. While you may find some of the latest washing machines to have a hand wash mode today, a laundry sink still provides a good back up for specialised cleaning for single items. More importantly, many people use their laundry sink and tapware as a vital part of the laundry process. To either first rinse off clothes from contaminants or as a base for soaking to get out stubborn stains. 

Other Usages of Laundry Sinks:

You will find a laundry sink and tapware handy to clean up:
  • Camping and Sports Equipment
  • Raincoats and rain boots
  • Muddy shoes
  • PPE Gear
  • Paint brushes and trays
  • Pets
  • Fill up buckets
At Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can find all the products you need to complete the setup of your laundry sink. In our attractive and formidable range of sinks, basins, tapware and building supplies. 

The Latest Designs in Laundry Tapware

Gooseneck Mixers

Gooseneck tapware has a universally appealing modern shape. The elegant, rounded shape adds a simple minimalistic statement to the laundry room.

Round Tower Mixers 

A round base tower mixer provides a more strong and robust stylish touch. A round high rise mixer can also bring more opportunities for versatile use with more space above the sink basin. 

Square Tower Mixers

Providing a solid and sturdy shape, our square tower laundry tapware provides a shapely touch. It can make an excellent choice to complement and bring out more square and rectangular shapes in the room.

Squareline Mixers

Bring together the best of height, versatility, and sleek modern design, squareline mixers add charm to rounded square or rectangle basins.

Extra Features - 

  • Swivel – Moveability adds some extra use and convenience out of the use of your laundry sink. Allowing you to output water into two sinks or across a wide sink. 
  • Pull Out Spray – Gooseneck laundry tapware sometimes is available with a pull out spray.  This technological feature allows users to easily rinse or wash around larger items. It also makes cleaning up your laundry sink so much easier. 

Our Stylish Finishes in Tapware

Stainless Steel – A classic staple in the kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel also makes an excellent choice as well in the laundry. As a low maintenance material, you can enjoy the beautiful lustre of the material easily for a lot of time to come. Stainless steel is self-healing, and resistant to rust, corrosion, and stains.  For a co-ordinated appearance, consider matching a stainless steel laundry sink with stainless steel laundry tapware. Chrome – Another timeless favourite in interior design, chrome adds a high lustre polish in cool-toned décor. Designers love using chrome in more modern designs in the more water exposed areas in the home. Brushed Nickel – Warmer and more resemblant of vintage décor, brushed nickel is rising in popularity for more rustic and farmhouse style laundry rooms. All with a more honed and satin appearance. Matte Black – Highly fashionable and current, matte black tapware is steadily being seen in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Curate a minutest put together look with the distinctiveness of a matte black finish. 

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