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Modern Shower Heads in Sydney

Get the best morning and nightly experience with the ideal shower head for your shower in Sydney Your shower head choice plays a vital role in shaping your experience of how you start and end your day. After all, a shower is the most common choice of bathing for the modern busy individual.  Therefore, while many factors of the bathroom can help alleviate its appearance, it is important that you understand the way your shower head operates instead of just how it looks. So, you can complete a shower that works for the best enjoyment of you and your family.  Bonnyrigg Tiles has a range of the latest showerheads in Sydney to revitalise your shower. We have a collection of different shower head styles to cater to various likes and interests. Together with a wall mixer and floor waste, or bathtub, it’s the perfect way to create an impressive shower!

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What to look for in your new shower head in Sydney

  • Flow rate –
    Shower heads normally have a flow rate between 1.5 and 2.5 gallons per minute. As people are getting more conscious about preserving water, low flow shower heads with 1.5 flow rates are becoming a common choice on the market.

  • Spray Pattern –
    Shower heads have their own individual spray patterns which can control how water is output, or how it sprays out. Highly technological systems often many spray holes, giving you a shower head with several different water settings that you can enjoy. You’ve probably heard of some of these settings before when you’ve heard the words jet, rain, massage, and mist.

  • Water Pressure-
    When purchasing a shower head in Sydney it is important that you understand both the water pressure of your location, as well as the level of water pressure that you enjoy in the shower. Some people enjoy a strong water jet feel while others prefer a soft rain-like cascade. Wider shower heads generally mean less water pressure but more width to cover the body. While smaller models have less width but a stronger stream of pressure.

  • Design -
    Shower heads can have a range of different appearances in terms of size, shape as well as the way they are installed.

  • Finishes -
    We offer multiple finishes to complete the look of your shower and the overall theme of your bathroom! Look through chrome, stainless steel, matte black and more.

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Different models of shower heads in Sydney

  1. Wall Mount Shower Heads –
    Wall mounted shower heads come with an arm that attaches to the wall. It’s a more traditional style, that people are normally used to. The output for water in this model can be vertical or diagonal. They also often come with multiple adjustable settings, so you can choose between mist, massage, or standard water. 

  2. Ceiling Shower Head -
    A ceiling shower head is fixed to the ceiling of your shower. Ceiling shower heads give less water pressure and aided by gravity water just falls gently down. For those who enjoy it, it is a more calming dripping experience.

  3. Rainfall / Rain Shower Heads –
    Can be installed either on the ceiling or wall. The distinctive aspect of these shower heads is overlooking width that ‘rains’ down water down on you. Enjoyable for those like the feeling of rain.

  4. Handheld shower heads -
    Adjustable, these shower heads are mounted on a holding rail that you can easily detach from, so you can direct it in the shower. Handheld shower heads are especially handy for help cleaning kids, camping gear or pets. 

  5. Dual Shower Head - Handheld Shower Head
    Dual shower heads, provides a larger main shower head with a smaller handheld shower head. Providing you the best of both worlds with width and easy adjustability. 

  6. Shower heads for low water pressure
    If you have low water pressure in your location, a low water pressure shower head allows you to have a comfortable amount of water output for a great shower experience. 

  7. High-Pressure Shower Heads
    A high pressure shower head pushes a strong flow rate of water for those that enjoy a stronger rain from the shower. A favourite in Sydney to help soothe tired muscles, and quickly make the bather feel relaxed, invigorated, and clean. However, due to the way this shower head outputs water, it also costs more water and therefore more money to run. 
  8. Aerating Shower Heads (high pressure feel using less water) 
    Similar to a high pressure shower head, aerating shower heads provide a strong push in the water output. However, they differ when it comes to the amount of water usage it requires. Aerating shower heads mix air and water, to increase the flow rate and strength. Making it a great water efficient shower head for those that enjoy strong water showers in Sydney. 

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