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Shower Mixer Taps

We offer a range of shower mixer taps perfectly suited to craft a beautiful custom shower at Bonnyrigg Tiles.  Smooth and durable, shower mixers provide a new modern alternative to controlling the water output and temperature you desire. We bring you the latest and most stylish designs in delightful finishes, base plate shapes, and handle design.  Explore our range for a shower mixer that best fits the needs and look of your bathroom!

Wall Mixer Taps vs Conventional Hot and Cold Taps

A modern invention, wall mixers are designed for one handle or knob instead of two to control the temperature and amount of the water output. Conventional hot and cold taps require you to use two taps to do this. Besides taking a while to meet this temperature, they can also become more rigid or tough to open over time. To operate a shower mixer, you only need to swivel the handle on the knob to the desired mix between hot and cot. Then pull the lever to open the water’s flow. Giving you an enviably smooth and simple operation! Use Shower Mixers and enjoy 
  • Smooth Operation
  • Durable and Long Life
  • Convenience
  • Save Water and Time

Shower Mixers With Modern Contemporary Designs

We understand that when it comes to winding down to relax, details matter. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have curated a collection that features all the beloved modern designs and tastes. So, you can achieve a beautiful overall finish in your bathroom and shower; whether you’re going for a look that’s organic, luxurious or chic.

Create With Shapes

  • Square – A square shaped shower head matches perfectly well with a square shower mixer base plate. A stylishly modern shape in the bathroom, squares subvert expectations and thereby add a delightfully fresh touch. Great for chic, industrial and minimalistic styled bathrooms.
  • Rectangle – Longer and leaner with the crisp look of clean edges. Rectangle base plated shower mixers help add shape and length to your shower. In chrome and stainless steel, it adds an iconic touch of modern sheen to your bathroom.
  • Oval – Oval shapes help add length and dimension to your bathroom, but without the sharp edges and corners for a softer shape.
  • Circle – Soft and rounded, circle base plated shower mixers add beauty and function with a minimalist touch. Great for achieving stylishly chic accents. For a new on trend look for a bathroom or shower makeover; consider using matte black circle shower mixers with white subway tile grouted in black. 
  • Rounded rectangles – Offering a tasteful combination in straight and rounded edges or corners. This shape adds a more eye catching touch to the canvas of your shower. It’s often a great option for shower mixer taps that also have a diverter. Also, a popular choice for darker and more industrial styles shower. 

Emblazon With a Finish 

    • Matte Black – One of the latest loves in a modern bathroom, matte black is one of the hottest trends when it comes to tapware. Create contrast in a white or light grey bathroom or add more drama in one with darker tones. It is a versatile finish, popularly paired with a matte black shower head and shower frame. 
    • Stainless Steel – Shiny, durable and resistant to corrosion, stainless steel is a perfect finish for the Australian that enjoys a simple user experience in the bathroom. Take joy in a finish that lasts and requires almost no maintenance, whilst retaining its beautiful soft lustre. 
    • Chrome – For unmatched brilliance, you can look farther than chrome for your shower mixer taps. Luxuriously bright with a light blue hint, it makes a great addition to cool toned bathrooms.

Mode of Operation 

Our shower mixer taps offer 2-3 operative functions, to deliver a smooth stream of hot, warm, or cold water. 
  • Soft handle – Available in rectangle, oval and bar styles, each handle offers a soft smooth operation to open and shut water. 
  • Knob turn – The knob turn feature in each mixer offers butter smooth swivelling that lets you choose a comfortable temperature with convenience. 
  • Diverter Push button – Shower wall mixers with a diverter allows you to send water up to the shower head or send it down. Why is this important? It makes it the perfect solution for tapware that lets you navigate between a main shower head and handheld addition. Conversely, you can use it to move water between a shower head to a bathtub tap. 

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