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Tiling Tools

We stock a large range of tools to help you get the job done right.

Tile Drill Bits

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles have a range of tile drill bits well suited to drill through ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. As the experts in bathroom, kitchen, and laundry tiles with over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to offer you tile drill bits of high and trusted quality.

Applications of Tile Drill Bits

Drilling holes into tiles may not sound appealing, but it is a vital part of building a new bathroom. Most builders today prefer to install their bathroom fittings, fixtures, tapware, and accessories on top of their tiles. This brings added water protection between joints, and assures a more immaculate, professional finish.

More examples of these applications in the bathroom are:

  • Fitting in bathroom fittings, fixtures and accessories to tiles or drywall
  • Attaching electrical wiring or plumbing
  • Hanging up a dryer
  • Shelves

Diamond Tipped Drill Bits – The Gold Standard in Tile Drilling

Diamond tipped tile drill bits are more expensive, strong and durable. They offer the best precision for drilling through hard porcelain tiles without shattering them.

Carbide Tipped Drill Bits – Cost Effective Tile Drilling

With a carbide tip, these tile drill bits are not as strong and durable as diamond tipped drill bits, but they can provide strong results with focus and patience. These tile drill bits are well suited for drilling into ceramic tiles with a softer base.

Get the Best Results When Drilling Tiles

For home renovators, drilling holes into your beautiful bathroom or kitchen tiles can sound very daunting. Here are some tips from Bonnyrigg Tiles designed to help you get the best results.

  • Always check to make sure the wall you are drilling through does not have water or electricity cables behind the tile.
  • Use masking tape to mark an ‘x’ over the area that needs to be drilled and mark the spot with a pen. The masking tape helps you get more traction to drill through the usually glazed and hardened top surface. So should your hand slip a little, the tile drill bit won’t cause damage to the surrounding tile surface.
  • Drill slowly and consistently to ensure clean, precise results with no damage.
  • While drilling, make sure the drill doesn’t overheat, so that tiles and fixtures don’t smoke, heat up or burn.

Call our Bathroom Renovation Experts

Need more help with renovating your bathroom? You can contact our bathroom renovation specialists for honest advice and suggestions about your bathroom. We can assist you in tips, tricks, and the best building tools suitable for your application.

Our bathroom renovation specialists can also look after your bathroom renovation from start to finish.

Bonnyrigg Tiles – The Best Bathroom Warehouse in Western Sydney

When you are looking for precise and professional results, you can count on our store for trusted, high-quality products. With our strong suite of tiling tools and building supplies, Bonnyrigg Tiles provides all you need to equip you for your next tiling project.

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