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Delectable Kitchen Tiles

Look through a great range of modern kitchen tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles.

As a base centre for food in your home, your kitchen needs to be able to put up with a range of different temperatures and contaminates. Choosing the right tiles in Sydney for your kitchen helps you maintain a beautiful space that’s also resistant to heat, corrosion, moisture, and stains.

At Bonnyrigg Tiles we have a beautiful range specialising in the different and greatly loved designs in tiles for your kitchen. So, whether you are looking for modern kitchen tiles for your floors, walls or to complete your splashback. We have all the styles you’ll love in our great range!

Affordable Kitchen Tiles in Sydney

You can enjoy a great amount of choice in our collection of kitchen tiles in Sydney, offered to you at competitive prices. Therefore, you can find amazing solutions that befit your sense of personal style for the spaces you want to tile around your kitchen. We have a range of options across different budgets so you can find a style that you can both love and afford.

Modern Kitchen Tiles

When it comes to the latest modern trends in kitchen tiles, we are always keeping up with those in the know.

You can always expect to find some of the latest styles and favourites in our range of modern kitchen tiles, to outfit your kitchen at Bonnyrigg Tiles.

Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Our interior collection of tiles provides a lot of neutral colours, tones and natural stone-like finishes that makes it a versatile tile for both bathrooms and kitchens. You can install these tiles in your floors, walls, shower, and feature walls.

Bathroom and kitchen tiles are expertly made and designed to deal with the tougher environmental features often found in these room. Therefore, you can take joy in tiles that are resistant to water, heat, and are hard wearing for heavy traffic.

Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Tiles provide a great option for adding both beauty and functionality to your kitchen through your backsplash. You can look through our great collection of kitchen tile backsplashes at Bonnyrigg Tiles. We have a lot of beautiful choices in warm and cool neutral shades, to create a tiled kitchen splashback that really adds value to your kitchen. While protecting your walls from moisture, hot air and splashed liquid.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Anytime you are working in the kitchen, you’re bound to create at least a little mess. Kitchen floor tiles make an excellent solution for this area. Keeping your kitchen beautiful, clean, and neat. Select from an array of different matte and honed finishes to create a home kitchen design that sets your home apart.

We have kitchen floor tiles in whites, greys, beige, charcoal, taupe, and more. Available in finishes that make your floors less prone to slipperiness when wet.

Large White Kitchen Floor Tiles

For lighter kitchen spaces, you can’t go wrong with large white kitchen floor tiles.

Large format tiles, when chosen and installed well, make spaces in your home look larger. It gives you more smooth patterned surfaces and less grout lines, so that it makes the space appear more seamless and expansive.

In addition to crisp and white looking kitchens, large white kitchen floor tiles look great with monochromatic kitchens and farmhouse kitchens. We have a beautiful range of large white kitchen floor tiles, presented in different patterns and finishes.

Grey Kitchen Tiles

Grey provides beautiful mid-tones that are easy to play with for soothingly modern monochromatic style.

You can find and select from our stylish range of grey kitchen tiles for your kitchen floors, walls or splashback. You can create a sweetly sophisticated appearance by mixing your kitchen décor with different textures and shades in grey. Then complete the look with accentuating notes that stand out with wood, black, white or choice metal finishes for a pleasing neutral finish.

Shop for grey kitchen porcelain tiles in link, Silverstone-look, concrete-look, etc designs.

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Here you can see the fine detail, colours and textures for yourself. As well as feel and discover the thermal leaning in each tile. Our experts are also available on site, always to help with any questions you have. As a tile supplier for over 20 years, we are well placed to give you suggestions on the design, feel, affordability and level of maintenance you are looking for.

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