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Tile Installation

Living Room Tiles

Tiles make a great choice in the living room, particular for the living room floor.

Nowhere else does a polished floor tile work as well or shine so brightly. Bonnyrigg Tiles has a range of different designs and styles in living room floor tiles. Look through various neutral shades, texturized patterns, as well as rustic and high end finishes in our collection to find a tile that inspires you.

With over 20 years of experience in supplying quality tiles, we have the tiling solutions you’ve been looking for.

The Right Tiles for Your Living Room

When selecting tiles for your living room it is important to work with the understanding of what role the room has in your house. Whether it is the stage for your entertainment events and parties, or a more private getaway from the stress of work.

We have a range of different living room floor tiles, in more opulent and homey finishes. You can enjoy tiles with the rolling soft textures of water exposed stone, or the speckled exfoliated finish of an open rockface.

So, no matter what you are after; you can accomplish the feeling you want to achieve in your living room, with a durable and easy to look after solution.

When selecting your tiles, consider a tile and finish that gives you the type of features you need below –

  • Style
  • Strength
  • Resistance
  • Maintenance

LIVING ROOM FLOOR TILES – Selecting a Stylish Design for Home Living

Tiles are the perfect application for living room floors.

Durable, hard wearing, and available in a multitude of designs, they make a beautiful investment that will last for a long length of time.

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we’d love to invite you to browse through our wide collection and find something that gives you that home feeling.

Wood Look Tiles

Wooden flooring has been a staple in homes for as long as anyone can remember. However, wooden flooring has its own problems that take a bit more work in maintenance, such as warping and splintering.

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have a range of beautiful wood or timber look tiles that can make an excellent alternative for your living room.

Concrete Look Tiles

Concrete has been rising in popularity for more industrial, studio or loft style living. It can be a lot heavier than other choices in flooring and consequently take more time to install. We have porcelain tiles that emulate the cool grey textured appearance of concrete, for your living room floor. Allowing you to create beautifully cool sweeping canvases in charcoal to make your coloured furniture ‘pop.’

Porcelain Link Tiles

A link pattern is popular in porcelain tiles for your living room. Link features a rolling linear style that captures some of the natural pattern often found in stone or washed concrete. As it is made in porcelain, it offers all the dense and hard wearing properties of the material. Which makes it a great tile for longevity, heavy foot traffic and preventing the development of stains. Visually it is also less susceptible to scratching. Made with a clean rectified edge, it offers the perfect tool for developing industrial style.

We have a wide collection of link patterned porcelain tiles, that people across Sydney love for their living room floor tiles. You’ll be happy to find that they are both undeniably stylish and affordable.

Natural Stone Look Tiles

Natural stone has long been a tool to create a tastefully European appearance in buildings. However, it’s not always affordable. We can offer customers a range of different affordable and hardwearing porcelain tiles that emulate some of the most beloved looks in natural stone.

So, at Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can find the easy solutions to complete a travertine, bluestone, graphite, marble, etc. look in the home. To create elegant living room floors.

White Gloss Ceramic Tiles

Achieve blissful contemporary style with white ceramic living room floor tiles with a high shine gloss.

Lighter, glossier floors are a great way to add style and light to your living room. It is often a tile choice by interior designers looking to capitalise on the natural light from your windows. Creating an area that is perfectly crisp, light and airy.

Complete The Look With The Right Finish

Gloss – A glazed finish that makes tiles appear almost ‘wet’ and shiny.

Polished –Tiles are passed across different grits and polishing wheels for a perfectly smooth and shiny surface.

Lappato – Similar to a polished finish, lappato tiles go through different grits but with fewer wheels for a semi-polished ‘satin’ like finish.

Matte – Grounded down through different grits, a matte finish offers a dull surface perfect for a more non-slip surface.

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