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Marble Look Tiles

Marble has long been a reputable elegant finish in the bathroom. People around the world love marble for its soft curded cream texture, or its perfect mix of boldness and subtility. However, marble unfortunately tends to be both rare and expensive.

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles offer you the solutions to create beautiful marble bathrooms with expertly designed porcelain marble look tiles. Allowing you to enjoy luxurious high end designs, with a competitively affordable price tag.

Why use Marble Look Tiles for your bathroom?

Marble look tiles are more affordable and easier to get a hold of than tiles made from natural marble. While the marble aesthetic was once only attainable for the rich and powerful, today’s modern technology makes this style more available with the design possibilities of porcelain.

Porcelain is a long loved staple in the bathroom. Made from dense clay and fired in the kiln at high temperatures, it creates tiles that are strong, hard, and smooth. As it is non-porous and dense, it is highly moisture resistant and therefore resistant to stains. Making it easy to clean and maintain. A long lasting beauty in the bathroom if there ever was one.

Browse through the beloved benefits of marble look porcelain –

  • Porcelain tiles are more resistant to daily wear, tear and scratching
  • Tiles that requires only low maintenance
  • Unnervingly emulates the aesthetic of natural marble
  • Resistant to moisture and stains
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Expected long life
  • Ideal for high traffic use

It is important to note that marble look tiles still cost more than ceramic tiles for your bathroom. It can also be chipped or cracked from falling heavy objects. In addition to marble look porcelain, we do also provide options in marble look ceramic tiles.

Creating a beautiful Marble aesthetic in your Bathroom

Marble look tiles are the perfect tool to create a soothingly fresh opulent look in your bathroom.

Beautiful and Bright

Glossy marble look tiles help make for a beautifully bright space in your bathroom. Gloss or polished white marble bathroom tiles are highly reflective; this makes a space look larger and more illuminate. Capture and capitalise on the light of your white marble tiles in the bathroom with a large vanity mirror, shiny tapware, and fixtures. For an enviably modern touch, you can also consider a backlit mirror, mirrored cabinet, or waterproof LED strip lights in your ceiling.

Bonnyrigg Tiles has the polished marble look bathroom tiles you are looking for, to create illuminate marble bathrooms!

Playing with Grey

You can bring out the grey in the veining of your marble look bathroom tiles with a grey bathroom vanity and grey bathroom floor tiles. It is a delightful way to play with different light shades to curate a supple and soft space in your bathroom. For an area in your home that always calms and soothes. Finish with elegance with stainless steel or chrome tapware, or for a chicer touch consider tapware in matte black or gold.

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles can provide you with beautiful options in polished marble look tiles for your walls and textured grey floor tiles, to bring a greyer touch in your bathroom. Completed well with the mambo black bathroom vanity.

Cultured and Balanced

Strike a look of perfect elegance in your bathroom, by mixing marble look wall tiles with large format floor tiles in charcoal and a rich-toned timber vanity. It’s just one way to create a well-co-ordinated bathroom space, by playing with different light, mid-tone, and dark shades. You can also consider bringing in warmer tones to complement and contrast the look of marble with timber-look tiles for your floors. Add more light to darker vanities by backlighting your mirror or cabinet with LED strip lights.

Shop from different natural stone look and washed concrete look bathroom tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles to strike a well-balanced and contemporary look.

Just a Splash!

You don’t need to go all over with marble look tiles to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Even just a touch will do. A marble feature wall can be just the thing you need to add interest in a white or grey bathroom. Alternatively, you can also choose to stun with a marble tile splashback. Make your bathroom vanity, bathtub, or shower area pop! And show your sense of artistic taste in the details.

Look through our range of marble look bathroom tiles in our indoor and bathroom tile range, or through natural marble mosaic tiles.

Limitations in Marble Look Tiles

While marble look tiles for your bathroom are incredible in striking an excellent balance between beauty, iconic style, affordability, and maintenance; they do have limitations.

Marble look porcelain and ceramic tiles aren’t able to reflect the varied uniqueness prized in natural, real marble. If the unique characteristics of natural marble is important to you, we also offer natural marble mosaic tiles for your bathroom. Bringing you delightful beauty and style in a herringbone structure, designers love them as a choice in floors or walls.

You can make natural marble a more accessible investment in your bathroom by limiting the dimensions of your new installation. Consider a marble tile splashback, bathroom nook or feature wall.

Find a tile you love? Get a sample!

If you’ve found a marble look bathroom tile that you now don’t know how to live without, get in touch! Our sales representatives can help connect with you a sample or a few to get a better look and feel of the tile up close. They also have the great knowledge and experience to help you with almost any question or doubt you have while getting new tiles.

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