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Tile Installation

Non-Slip Tiles

Whether for your bathroom or outdoors, using non-slip tiles is crucial for creating floors that stay safe – even in wet or rainy conditions.

Non-slip tiles however don’t need to be boring or even plain. In fact, non-slip tiles are easily available in a range of beautiful designs for your outdoors or bathroom floor. Bringing you the best of style and security underfoot.

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles have a wide and modern collection of non-slip bathroom and outdoor tiles. Helping you complete the aesthetical and functional needs of your home.

Non-Slip Bathroom Tiles

Safe Floors for Bathing, Showers and Washing Hands

Make a bathroom that doesn’t walking a concern in the morning, even after everyone has taken a shower. Strong, waterproof, and highly resistant to scratches and stains, porcelain makes a great non-slip bathroom tile that lasts for the life of your bathroom.

While dense, porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of design possibilities and finishes. So, you can customise porcelain with a finish in matte, external rockface or structured for more grip underfoot. Lasting even while it gets more wet.

But what non-slip tile is right for your bathroom? A matte finish offers a fuzzier satin-like feeling as opposed to other finishes such as lappato or polished. While an external provides a bit more of a rougher rockface like feeling underfoot for even more grip. Lastly, structured finishes are created by pressing a design onto a tile before firing. Which means a lot of room for customisation in lines, waves, or beach-stone like textures.

It’s no wonder that porcelain tiles are a great non-slip solution in the bathroom!

Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles

Safe Outdoor Walkways No Matter the Weather

When tiling your spaces outdoors, it is important that you use a tile with a non-slip surface.

At Bonnyrigg Tiles we have a range of non-slip outdoor tiles that provide excellent grip no matter the weather. Exterior tiles are available in tumbled, sandblasted, honed, brushed, exfoliated, filled and rockface. Providing different grips, textures, and types of styles. But what does it all mean?

  • Tumbled tiles are created by tumbling tiles with salt and water in a bucket over an extending amount of time. This results in stone tiles that are lighter, soft, textured and look more worn. Tumbled tiles are a greatly popular non-slip outdoor tile choice that is used a lot to complement the natural tones in the garden.
  • Sandblasted tiles are finished using an air compressor and sandblasting machine to blast sand against the tiles surface. The result is a rough and grainy finish, making it a great non-slip outdoor tile. This method can also be called abrasive blasting and different levels of roughness is available.
  • Honed tiles are achieved with grinding to create a smooth and flat matte like surface. It’s a finish popular both inside and outside the home.
  • Brushed tiles are enjoyed for their relaxed and beachy character. A brushed finish is achieved by running tiles through wheels with metal bristle brushes to create wave-like patterns.
  • Exfoliated tiles are created by exposing tile surfaces to flames. Popular for granite and basalt, the fire causes the crystals in the rock to break to create a textured finish. It is commonly paired with a brushed finish process.
  • Filled tiles are porous natural stone tiles that have been filled in with an impregnating sealer. A process often used for honed natural stone tiles.
  • Rockface tiles are beautifully designed to give you the natural and rough rived look of rock. Commonly used for wall cladding and non-slip outdoor tiles.

Each finish has its own character as well as its own level of grip or roughness, complemented by the tasteful neutral colours in our range. For a closer look at our non-slip outdoor tiles, we recommend stopping by our showroom at Bonnyrigg for a visit!

Tile Showroom

We have one of Sydney’s favourite tile showrooms at Bonnyrigg Tiles, stocked with all the tiles, tiling tools, and supplies for all your tiling needs. Our professional sales staff are skilled in helping answer common queries you have for your tiles, as well as recommending tiles that suit your style and application. It’s the perfect place to take a look and feel of our non-slip bathroom and outdoor tiles in person.

With a wide quality range of bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor tiles, we’re sure you don’t have to look anywhere else for the ideal non-slip tiles for your home.

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We have wide range of tiles, bathroom accessories and quarry materials. Come in and visit our showroom today!