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Bathroom Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo has become an incredibly versatile and popular accent in the kitchen and bathroom.

Strong, customisable and with a multitude of options in design, people across Sydney love using terrazzo tiles to add strength, beauty and vividity to any room.

Bonnyrigg Tiles has a range of terrazzo tiles for contemporary and chic bathrooms. Look through our variety of larger and small aggregates in our tiles, complete in a range of grey tones, neutrals, and colours.

About Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a relatively modern invention, created using quartz, glass, marble, granite, shell, or other suitable materials. These aggregates are usually bonded together using epoxy and cement. The result is a unique surface and design that is durable, easy to maintain, hygienic and impactful.

Terrazzo tiles have been seen everywhere, from palaces to water features, and now modern bathrooms. It has been highly sought on construction, to create walls and floors with stunning detail, patterns, and a depth of designs.

Porcelain Tiles in the Bathroom

We have a tasteful collection of porcelain tiles in Sydney suited for your bathroom walls and floors.

As a durable and water resistant material, porcelain makes an excellent application in this area in the house. Polished, lappato and structured finished porcelain tiles makes for great bathroom walls. A polished porcelain tile finish showcases all the patterns and natural gleam in the design, which makes for great wall tiles. While a lappato or structured finish in your porcelain wall tiles adds a more tangible tactile finish that can really break up the space in your bathroom.

Whereas a matte, external, or structured porcelain tile makes a great application for bathroom floors. Providing more feel and texture, porcelain tiles with this finish make great non-slip bathroom tiles.

Why So Popular?

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Customisable
  • A range of possibilities in designs
  • Available in non-slip finishes and coatings
  • Add variety, interest and detail
  • Available in a range of colours
  • High End Look and Feel

Terrazzo Tiles in Bathroom Designs – Creating a Polished Bathroom

Bathroom Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo tile floors create a beautiful floor for the bathroom. The patterns in terrazzo tiles are a great way to add delightful variety that helps break up the space in the bathroom and hide mess. When you are looking to add interest to bring more life to your bathroom, terrazzo tiles can easily do it in a way that isn’t too ‘loud’ but instead polished and seamless.

When tiling your bathroom with terrazzo floor tiles, it is important to also consider your finish for a safe non-slip surface. As most tiling experts, we recommend opting for a terrazzo tile or a non-slip tile coating.

Bathroom Terrazzo Walls

While terrazzo may be a bit more of an investment, you can utilise the beautiful aesthetic and durability of bathroom terrazzo tiles in all the walls of your bathroom, selected walls, a feature wall or as a bathroom vanity splashback.

Grey terrazzo wall tiles particularly have become a beloved favourite in bathrooms, adding a variation of softness and depth that makes the space appear more soothing. Bringing a smooth and polished light grey base with grey, white and black aggregate. You can also use modern bathroom terrazzo tiles to add a pop of colour, play with pastels, or to create a statement in shell tones.

We have a selection of terrazzo wall tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles to make your bathroom walls more special. Use them for your bathroom vanity, bathtub, or shower wall, or all over your bathroom for a complete contemporary finish. Many bespoke designers employ a range of different terrazzo tiles in the bathroom to create a finely curated, opulent aesthetic.

Creating Different Designs in Aggregate

Different colours and shapes in aggregate can make a large impact on the end results of the terrazzo tile, as well as the bathroom.

Homeowners, designers and builders across Sydney can use terrazzo to accomplish many designs. From lively and vibrant feature walls to a curated industrial elegance, or a stylish and crisp chic finish. This range of finishes is just one reason why terrazzo tiles are so highly sought.

With so many options out there, it is important you know the overall look you want before you select terrazzo tiles for your bathroom. So, you can understand the type of terrazzo design you are looking for.

Selecting Aggregate:
  • maller Aggregate Terrazzo – Smaller aggregate or chips in terrazzo tiles create a more even appearance in your bathroom. It is a great way for those that prefer the pattern and detail in the terrazzo to be at a minimum for more minimalistic designs. This is a terrazzo design that is often seen in different mixes of white, grey, and black, for a slightly playful spotted appearance.
  • Larger Aggregate Terrazzo – Larger aggregate or Venetian terrazzo tiles create a more striking statement. Popular larger aggregate styles often play between different shades in grey, shell tones, or other soft neutral shades. Terrazzo tiles with larger chips can be a great option for a bathroom feature wall, half tiled bathroom wall or in another similar way to add interest. 
  • Mixed Sized Aggregate Terrazzo – Most terrazzo tiles come with a mix of different aggregate sizes for strength and durability, but some terrazzo has greater variations than others. The differences in sizes help create a sense of balance and completeness to the overall bathroom. 
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