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Look through our collection of bathroom and kitchen wall tiles in Sydney, for a foolproof way to rejuvenate your home.

Bonnyrigg Tiles has a range of the latest styles in wall tiles in porcelain, ceramic and natural stone. People across Sydney love the selection we bring them with warm and cool neutral tones, natural texture, stylish patterns, and different finishes. Letting them choose from white bathroom tiles in gloss or matte, etc. If you are a designer, builder, or are simply looking to renovate, you too are going to love our range.

We have a range of available at reasonable prices —

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Bathroom Wall Tiles in Sydney

Tiles are an excellent solution for beauty, strength and waterproofing in the bathroom.

Bathroom wall and floor tiles doesn’t just protect the surfaces of your bathroom from heat, water and moisture but help curate a calming peaceful aesthetic. Bathroom wall tiles especially go along way in pulling the space neatly together in beautiful design. There is so much versatility in the designs for tiles for your bathroom wall that you choose.

Bathroom wall tiles come in a lot of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Unlike floor tiles, you don’t have to worry about your family slipping on a shiny surface. So, there is so much more freedom and possibility for choosing a finish that makes your tiles and bathroom stand out. Choosing a delightfully minimalist toilet wall tile, also helps allow you to make your toilet suite a pleasant restroom for guests.

Shop through matte wall tiles, white gloss wall tiles or feature wall tiles with striking designs. We give you an impressive selection in our range for you to choose from, offering great value for price.

Capture Attention | Bathroom Feature Wall Tiles

Make your bathroom more beautiful by creating a point of focus with bathroom feature wall tiles. Feature wall tiles are often used at the back of the bathroom, the bathroom vanity, shower wall, or bathtub to draw the eye through the room.

There is a wide variety of feature wall tiles on the market with timber look porcelain tiles, glass mosaic tiles, marble mosaic tiles and more. At Bonnyrigg Tiles we stock our showroom full of some of the latest and modern tastes in bathroom feature wall tiles.

Create a Crisp Clean Statement | White Bathroom Wall Tiles

White bathrooms have remained a classic staple in the home.

White bathroom wall tiles make bathrooms look light, bright, and hygienic. While it creates a minimalist statement, simple by no means boring.

We have a large variety of white bathroom wall tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles with beautiful shapes, patterns, and tones captured in the details. Look through marble look porcelain, white gloss wall tiles, and white mosaic tiles for your bathroom. Allowing you to have choice and variety even in the subtle features of texture, structure and build up, in small and large sizes. All at competitively attractive prices!

Our white bathroom tiles also make a great choice for toilet room wall tiles, helping you make a usually small and cramped space look larger.

Kitchen Wall Tiles in Sydney

Durable and resistant to heat and scratches, wall tiles make a great design choice for the kitchen.

Kitchen wall tiles protect your kitchen walls from steam, oil, heat, and moisture during all the time you cook or do things in the kitchen. Homeowners across Sydney usually opt for a tile splashback or completely tiled kitchen walls. Not only to protect their kitchen but to add elegance and beauty to the space.

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles have a large collection of modern kitchen wall tiles that help you express your personal sense of style at home. We have modern kitchen wall tiles in porcelain, ceramic and natural stone. Modern porcelain wall tiles are available in a range of different designs with the new innovations in tile design today.

Porcelain kitchen wall tiles can be made to imitate different materials such as natural stone such as marble, basalt and travertine or timber and concrete. These tiles in matt, make beautiful rough and rustic looking wall tiles, helping to bring together a Venetian look in the space.

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