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Modern Tiles in Smithfield

Bonnyrigg Tiles is a tile shop near Smithfield with all the latest and modern tastes in tiles. Our collection showcases a competitive range of outdoor pavers, indoor tiles and mosaic feature tiles. So, you can have non-slip matte or waterfall lappato tiles, for the best floor surface in your bathroom. Conversely, you can elevate your interior walls with the renowned charm of polished marble mosaic or marble look porcelain. We can customise our tiles to expertly match your application whether you are looking to tile your walls or floors! Bringing you incredible possibilities for spaces inside and outside the home.
A Delightfully Versatile Collection Of Indoor Tiles
Our indoor range of tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles offers a world of possibilities to complete the look of your walls and floors in your bathroom, kitchen or living rooms.
Bathroom Tiles - Achieve a beautiful modern look in your bathroom with the latest collection of bathroom tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles. We stock a timelessly appealing range of tiles for your bathroom wall and floor. Showcasing all the attributes that people all over Smithfield and wider Sydney are looking for in their bathroom tiles. Look through all the versatile and complimenting warm and cool neutral tones. Choose a striking or subtle pattern and texture. Then finish up with a finish in matte, lappato, structured, external or polished. Floor tiles are popular with a matte, external or structured finish to provide less slip and more grip underfoot. While bathroom wall tiles adorn the bathroom greatly with a polished or lappato finish to add beauty, glamour, and shine.
Kitchen Tiles – When looking to complete your kitchen, it is almost impossible to pass on the remarkable utility and endurance of tiles. On the floor, wall or even just for your kitchen splashback, tiles play an important wall in safeguarding structural walls from heat and moisture. Our range of kitchen tiles brings together all the finest tastes and styles. Filled with warm and cool neutral tones, natural textures and patterns, they make a great design accent wherever they are installed. For a dramatic or distinctively different kitchen splashback, you can also consider tiling with feature or mosaic tiles from our tile shop. Add warmth to your kitchen with flower patterns from the Mediterranean, or a touch of industrial elegance with aluminium mosaic tiles.
Living Room Tiles - When you want a stunning but low maintenance solution for your living room, it’s hard to go wrong with porcelain floor tiles. Durable, strong and able to carry a world of different designs. Porcelain tiles are an increasingly popular investment for the modern household. Our tile shop has put together an incredible range of designs for living room floors. Choose a light coloured polished or lappato finished floor tile to add a touch of opulence. Otherwise, timber look porcelain can bring in the sense of warmth you need into the room. Find more inspiration by looking through our full range of indoor and feature tiles at our tile shop near Smithfield.
Talk to the Tiling Specialists We showcase an incredible collection of all the latest tastes and styles of tiles at our tile shop at Bonnyrigg. Explore our range of indoor tiles and outdoor pavers to complete your home today! Our specialists at Bonnyrigg Tiles at can also assist you with recommendations to create the look you want to accomplish. For any assistance or additional information, contact us today on (02) 8786 0288 or write us an email on sales@bonnyriggtiles.com.au. Alternatively, you can enquire on our form online: https://www.bonnyriggtiles.com.au/contact/