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Pool Tiles in Sydney

Add sparkle to your pool in Sydney with marvellous glass mosaic tiles. Glass Mosaic Tiles are a beautiful way to add colour and dazzle to any pool. Making crystal blue pool water shimmer and poolside retaining walls more of a gem.  We have a range of swimming pool tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles to tile the inside, coping and other surrounding pavers around the pool. And built and designed with the latest innovative SilyCord system, decorative Turkish glass, and elegant natural stone. 

Leyla Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glistening Pool Tiles in Sydney Dive into divine design by tiling your swimming pool with Leyla glass mosaic tiles.  Favoured for their variety in shade and colour, as well as their frosted or pearl like finish. Glass mosaic pool tiles provide an easy installation for tradesmen, for reliably immaculate results.  We have multiple choices in colour in our range – black, light blue, taupe, teal, dark blue and purple/rainbow. All the glass mosaic pool tiles in our range come together with sheets, backed, and mounted by the innovative SilyCord polyurethane system.  Select glass mosaic pool tiles in a matte or pearl finish to add more vibrancy or shimmer to your pool. 

Why Our Pool Tiles Stand Out

5.5mm Thick – Durability, Strength

Another competitive fact about our glass mosaic swimming pool tiles at Bonnyrigg, is that each tile is exactly 5.5mm thick.  You might be asking why that matters? Pool tiles are subjected to a demanding environment with all the water, chemicals, movement, and impact from swimmers in the pool. This thicker build allows for more grout which helps safeguard each tile from falling out. Most other glass mosaic tiles are only as thin as 3mm, leaving it to be more susceptible to breaking. Most importantly, thinner 3mm tiles only leaves a gap of about 1.5mm for grout.

Intelligent SilyCord Polyurethane Systems

The SilyCord polyurethane system provides a high stickiness of 95% behind each tile. It’s tightly bonded together and easy to install. Each plate can be removed, cleaned, and then reapplied up until the adhesive dries. The flexible plate system also allows it install well over corners and curves.  Another great feature that this system has is that the glass mosaic pool tiles can easily be stored away. While its adhesion and bond remain in the same condition, as the same day it is brought out, no matter the weather – rain, wind or shine. 

Make & Create a Pool Feeling That Thrills You!

The Classics | Blue Pool Tiles -

Elevate the blueness of your pool in Sydney by using glass mosaic pool tiles in a shade of blue.  When you are looking to tile the inside of your pool, you can hardly ever go wrong by choosing blue glass mosaic tiles. We offer blue tones in different scales of lightness, as well as in both matte and pearl. Classics remain classics for a reason. You can only look forward to more sparkle and variety in shades, that will dazzle in crisp crystal blue waters. Perfect with white or warm beige pool coping tiles in Sydney. 

Spanish Vista | Dark Taupe Pool Tiles –

Create a timeless statement with brown tiles mixing the best of the old and the new.  Taupe or brown pool tiles can be a fun way to play with the elegance of neutral colours, with modern sparkle. This look can add some great industrial contemporary charm to accompany Spanish styled patios. Indulging in the favoured and richness in a palette of beige, oiled wood and darker brown tones. 

Modern Glamour | Iridescent Purple Pool Tiles -

Cultivate a place of beauty in your pool with iridescent purple glass tiles.  Milano creates a purple, pink and indigo reflective sheen on the water of your pool. Fabulous especially as the warm colours of the sun or yellow-toned indoor or outdoor lighting hits the water just right. The individually differing colours, sparkles, matte effect and glossy sheen help make morning and evening swims more relaxing. Giving you the chance to see something new as you dance with colours with each lap.  Milano glass mosaic tiles embodies the best features in variety you can find in tiles around the pool. 

Make Pool Time an Event | Black Pool Tiles -

Add depth and dimension in your pool with moody black glass mosaic pool tiles. It can be a great way to add contrast to light paved pool coping or pavers. Creating a fashionable border for your pool and a stylish statement for afternoon or night-time swims.

Tiling Around The Pool

When creating a pool, it is important to not only consider the tiles that you use to tile the inside. Pool pavers and pool coping tiles in Sydney are crucial for creating a safe and stylish area around the pool. We invite you to look through our entire range to create a pool that really suits the style of you and your family.

Outdoor Pool Pavers - 

  • Natural Stone Pool Coping Tiles
  • Porcelain Pool Coping Tiles
  • Wood Look Pool Coping Tiles
  • Pebble Mosaic Tiles
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