Subway Tiles

White Gloss Subway Tiles

White gloss ceramic tiles have become a beautiful stable in bathroom and kitchen design. Considered an in vogue finish for walls and splashbacks; their design, proportions, finishes and shapes have become a tool for bright and simple elegance.  Our tasteful collection of white gloss subway tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles brings you beautifully refined choices. Following classic designs and crafted with care. They provide the perfect waterproofing surfaces to add strength and exquisite detail to your bathroom or kitchen. 

Why are they called Subway Tiles?

When the first subway station launched in New York in 1904, the designers behind the project intended the construction to become a marvel to attract and encourage others to use the subway. In addition to beautiful curved arched ceilings, herringbone patterns and skylights there, that is where the subway tile was born. White and glossy, subway tiles added a reflectiveness that made the most of the light available in the dark spaces underground. Hardwearing, crisp and easy-to-clean, they soon became stable wherever cleanliness and hygiene were valued. 

White Subway Tiles for the Bathroom

Achieve a quiet place of retreat that’s soft, airy and bright with white subway tiled walls in the bathroom. As a place for continuous hygiene, it’s important to orchestrate a look in your bathroom that’s free from clutter. White subway tiles make a good job of tying together a space, with a shiny white surface to match your bathroom accessories. As well as an opportunity to co-ordinate with other colours or finishes in your bathroom, with a complimenting colour in grout.  Modern and contemporary palettes love it to tie together a monochromatic look in the bathroom with matt black tapware and accessories. Alternatively, many love it as a way to make other features such as a plant, art piece, or gold metal accents, stand out! Here’s some ideas of how you can use white subway tiles in your bathroom: 
  • Use white subway tiles for a clean and polished choice in bathroom walls
  • Create a feature wall with gleaming subtle texture with white subway tiled wall for your vanity
  • Try a fresh take on industrial style by using white gloss tiles to create a sectioned off shower
  • Safeguard the space underneath mirrored bathroom cabinets with a subway tile splashback
  • Design an elegant and chic bathroom white half tiled subway walls with white paint

White Subway Tiles for the Kitchen 

Attain a crisp and clean feeling with simple and sophisticated white subway tiles for your kitchen.   When you or a team are working on finishing a meal in your kitchen, it can often feel quite busy. Especially when one or more people are getting rather peckish! A bright and simple kitchen palette and design helps refresh the mood and makes the space feel cleaner and less busy.  There is an array of popular ways to complete the look of white subway tiled walls or a splashback in your kitchen. For a refreshing look, that’s close to nature; try using some wooden features such as the kitchen floor, counter, countertops, chairs or stools. Then complete with some plants and pops of colour!  Another popular style is softening the bright white tone of your white gloss subway tiles with feather grey heritage cabinets. Then make it more luxurious and modern with some glass cabinet doors for the upper cabinets in your kitchen.
Here’s some more inspiration of how you can use white subway tiles in your kitchen: 
  • Master harmony with white subway tiles for your kitchen walls in beige grout to complement timber kitchen countertops
  • Create a soft kitchen palette with white gloss tiles and grey grout lines that match your grey kitchen cabinets
At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have the strength, beauty, and tasteful proportions that most look for in their white gloss subway tiles.  Our experts can also help you find the products you need as well to install these tiles, for the best finish in your kitchen or bathroom. Customise your grout and tile trim to match your interiors with colour choices in white, cream, beige, grey, black, brown, gold and more.

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