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Get best Tiling Tools in Sydney
Quality Tiling Tools in Sydney In completing any tiling job, you need the right tiling tools in Sydney to achieve a professional finish. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we stand as your partner in tiling. Presenting you with all the tiles, supplies and tiling tools you require to complete your best work. Find mixers, power saws, trowels and anything else you may need all at one convenient stop. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we pride ourselves in being a trusted supplier in the best tools, tiles and accessories to create bespoke bathrooms and kitchens around Sydney. Tiling Tools in Sydney | Suited for Each Step of The Process We have carefully put together our range of offerings to help assist customers to achieve flawless results at every stage of the tiling process.

Step 1. Suit up in PPE

Protect yourself on the job with our protective gear.

  • Ultralight knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Protective goggles
  • Protective goggles
  • Hi-vis vests

Step 2. Levelling

Ensure you level the walls and floors for the best foundation for your tiles. You can achieve this with the appropriate rulers and levellers.

  • Aluminium straight edge
  • BMI spirit level
  • Raimondi levelling system

Step 3. Underlay

Lay tiles with ease by using a convenient alternative to traditional underlaying materials. The Latacoustic underlay materials provides an extra layer of noise dampening for more isolated acoustics.

  • Strata mat
  • Latacoustic 5mm sound control

Step 4. Saw

Cut tiles with professionally accurate precision with an effective wet or dry saw. This is to be used with our blades or wheels.

  • Raimondi Zoe Wet Saw
  • Raimondi Pikus Wet Saw
  • Sigma Tile Saw
  • Sigma Tile Cutter

Step 5. Saw Blades and Abrasion Wheels

Sharp blades give you strikingly neat and clean results.

  • Otec Thin Turbo Blade
  • Otec Diamond Blade
  • DTA Abrasion Wheel
  • Diarex Turbo Ultra-Thin Blade
  • Diarex Stringer Ultra-Thin Blade

Step 6. Use Nippers (curved cuts)

Use a nipper to trim off the excess from tiles that won’t fit into curved corners or edges of your bathroom or kitchen.

  • Parrot beak nipper
  • Straight tile nipper
  • Round tile nipper
  • Mosaic tile nipper

Step 7. Mix

The perfect tools to mix and combine a variety of liquid construction supplies such as adhesives, paints, cements, mortar or more.

  • Electric Mixer
  • Mixing Paddle
  • Atika 100L Mixer
  • Soroto Mixer

Step 8. Apply Adhesive for Tiling

Apply and comb through adhesives with ease and care with the trowel specialised for the job.

  • German gauging trowel
  • Square front trowel
  • Grout rake
  • Finishing trowel v-notch trowel
  • Notch trowel

Step 9. Space Out Your Tiles

Maintain straight, clean lines for your grouting by utilising the right spacers for the job. Keep large format tiles from slumping by using levelling clips and wedges.

  • Cross spacers
  • T-Spacers
  • Tile wedges
  • Jumbo wedges
  • Leveling clips

Step 10. Grout Your Tiles

Fill in the gaps between tiles with grout by using a float for ease of application.

  • Poly float
  • Pointed groat float
  • Epoxy groat float
Why Tile with Bonnyrigg Tiles? Cost-Effective Tiling Tools in Sydney Our range of tiling tools in Sydney offer significant value for the price that you pay. We offer competitive pricing throughout our equipment and range of tools to help assist you in every stage of tile installation. Industry Expertise At Bonnyrigg Tiles we have been in the tiling and construction industry for over 20 years. As specialists, our team can help you understand how to best use the tiling tools for the most precise and effective results. If you have any doubts about selecting the right tools for tiling in Sydney, we’re happy to provide assistance to make sure you get the best tools for the job. Great Customer Service Our team at Bonnyrigg Tiles is always friendly and happy to help!
  • What materials and tools are needed for installation?
  • Some of the tile tools that are required for tile installation includes a spirit level, spacers, wedges, nipper, grout rake, finishing towel, gauging trowel, grout float, squeegee and many more. The tile tool required totally depends upon the size of your project.
  • What grout spacing do I need between tiles?
  • The grout spacing required between the tiles depends upon the type of tile that you are using. Our tile tools help you to get the desired grout space with minimal efforts. Connect with our expert team now for any technical assistance.
  • Do I need lots of special tools for tiling?
  • No, there are a few basic tiling tools that are required for laying tiles. We have the largest collection of exclusive tiling tools in Sydney that can help you to get the desired finish with ease.
  • What is the best tool to choose?
  • It totally depends upon your project and expertise on which tool you should opt for. Bonnyrigg brings to you a wide range of tilling tools in Sydney. These tools are sure to meet all your project requirements and ensure professional finishing.
  • Where can I find more information about my specific project?
  • Stay in touch with us and connect with our experts for more information on tilling tools in Sydney and various types of tiles, finishing options that are trending. Our experts have immense knowledge of the industry and they try to keep themselves updated with all the latest happenings.

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