Trims & Angles

Angles and Trims

When creating or renovating a bathroom, it can be quite easy to look over the smaller details. But they are often what makes a bathroom design efficient and brings together a polished look at the end.  We at Bonnyrigg Tiles have aluminium and PVC tile trims to safeguard and beautify the corners and edges of your tiles in Sydney. They protect tiles from chipping, cracking, as well as stains or gathering water damage. All while leaving a clean and crisp professional look to your construction or renovation project! You can select angles and trims in square box, round corner, half round, cove, expansion joint, flat bar, rim angle, etc. for a product suitable for your application in our wide range of products. 

When to Install Tile Trim

Aluminium or PVC tile trims should be installed at the same time you install your tiles. Therefore, it is important that you leave some time and energy in considering what angle or trim you need before you begin. 

Selecting the Right Size

We recommend that you select your aluminium tile trim in tandem to the thickness of your tiles. So, when you come down to our showroom to look at angles and trims, we suggest bringing in a tile you are looking to install if you have acquired them elsewhere. Otherwise, our specialists at the Bonnyrigg Tiles showroom can help you out with the complete solution with our full range of supplies in store. 

Creating in Finishes & Colour

Today, aluminium tile trims especially, are not just an invention of security and practicality. Instead, they are selected to create a clean and polished look and feel, whether in your kitchen or bathroom.  We have a variety of colours and finishes available to achieve your perfect style, in aluminium and PVC tile trims. In our range at Bonnyrigg Tiles, we invite you to look and select through matte silver, bright silver, white, matt black, polished black, mill finish, black, grey, buff, Havana, alabaster, mocha, peach, jasmine, beige, and ivory.

Rim Angle Applications

Shower Niche

A shower niche is one of the most common places people expect to spot tile angles and trims.  A more modern design innovation, shower niches are inbuilt square or rectangle nooks in the shower, for an ideal place to store bathing and hygienic products. An aluminium tile trim helps create clean corners in the gap between the shower wall tiles and the tiles within the nook. Resulting in a tailored clean border for this space in the shower. 

Shower Partitions

The glass doors of a shower are also another location that often require an aluminium tile trim, while perhaps being less visible. Often used to curate the recessed line work of a shower to allow especially shower roller doors to conveniently move. 

Bathtub or Vanity Niches 

While niches have become a greatly loved asset in the bathroom, they aren’t necessarily restricted to the shower. Many designers also love it as a storage solution for conveniently organising your skincare regime.

Half Tiled Bathrooms 

While perhaps less common, another use for aluminium or PVC tile trims is to protect the space between tiles and dry wall in half tiled bathroom walls. Aluminium tile trim systems today have innovated to also drain away moisture that builds up, so that it can expertly be dispersed down onto bathroom floors. 

Kitchen Splashback

Where tiles in your kitchen splashback stick out from your kitchen wall, a hygienic aluminium tile trim is the answer to cover the gap. It helps not just protect the edge of the tiles but keeps the area clean and brings the look neatly together. Angles and trims in a classical polished silver provides an already choice finish in your kitchen. But you can also choose to go for a black or ivory trim to deliver on a distinctively set apart style. 

Differences in aluminium and plastic trims

Aluminium Tile Trims – A metal rim angle is unmatched in durability especially for high traffic areas, that won’t wear or corrode away easily. With its high shine, lustre, and customisability, it lends itself to a more luxurious and professional finish.  Plastic (PVC) Angle Tile Trims – Plastic trims are another durable product, that is flexible and easy to cut and install with more options in colour. Plastic tile trims are a great cost-effective option when it comes to residential kitchens and bathrooms.

Range of different angles and trims

  • Square box trim – Square box is a decorative and protective rim angle trim that protects the external connective joints of tiled areas or cabinets.
  • Half round trim – A half round trim lends a gentler and softer round edge to external connective joints that lends to more safety, by choosing to opt for un-sharp corners. 
  • And more!

Need more assistance on your aluminium tile trims? 

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