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Minimalist Bathtubs for Sale

Create a sense of calm amongst the buzz with lovingly crafted bathtubs for sale There is a saying, less is more. In your bathroom - the room in your house to cleanse away the day’s dirt, grime and worries - there is no place where this saying is more true.  Once considered as just a space for cleansing, bathrooms today are often now treated as a hub for relaxation and retreat. So, you should feel no shame in treating yourself to soothing modern and organic designs. The perfect base for calming, remedying soaks is your bathtub. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have a range of bathtubs for sale. Made and manufactured with quality materials in soothing minimalist styles, in comforting ergonomic design. 

A Refreshing Range of Contemporary Bath Designs

Bonnyrigg Tiles has a collection of white Lucite acrylic bathtubs for sale in Sydney, helping families and singles across NSW create simple designer spaces. Finishes are available with high gloss, full matte or a subtle semi matte shine.  We boast of modern styles in our line, with sleek but robust shapes. Offering both the water waste and flexible hose to get your bath set up and started as soon as possible. Freestanding Baths We have a selection of free-standing baths in our collection. Able to be placed anywhere, they can make a statement by themselves with their noticeably bold and pronounced shape. Interior designers have been placing them in the middle of the bathroom, in the corner, in conjunction with a shower or under a window or skylight.  Back to Wall Baths –  Essentially, back to wall baths are freestanding bathtubs that are designed to be placed against a wall. Offering fresh and crisp style that can fit within a more limited space.

All Inclusive For Your Convenience 

A pop-up waste or universal drainage are included in each bathtub that we supply. Many bathtubs also come with a 1.5 flexible hose to help make bath times easy. So, you can pour directly into tub to fill up, and enjoy the water as it cascades in. As well as being able to pour water over your head, face, and shoulders.  Acrylic Baths - Acrylic baths are created with vacuum formed acrylic sheets. They offer many benefits for luxe solutions for bathing.
  • Cheap – Acrylic baths are reasonably cheaper than steel bathtubs, as they are easy to create and therefore mass-produce. 
  • Strong – The acrylic baths of today offer remarkable strength, designed with wooden frames and reinforced with fiberglass. 
  • Variety – Acrylic is more pliable and easier to shape, which allows a lot of freedom in different shapes and designs. 
  • Warmth – Acrylic is naturally warmer to the touch than steel, which can be quite cold in winter. 
  • Non-Porous – Smooth to the touch, mould and bacteria can’t grow on the surface of acrylic baths. It is also easy to buff and polish out any scratches later.

Simple Changes, Sudden Impact | Investing into a Modern Bathroom

Our line of clean and crisp bathtubs for sale offers a cost-effective solution that makes an immediate impact in your bathroom. Made with attention to detail in the smooth and rounded shape, there is undeniable elegance in our bathtubs with no added ostentatiousness.  For those lucky enough to have secluded roaming hills or a wide private garden, one of our modern freestanding tubs can become the perfect place for peace and introspection in front of a large overlooking window.

Care and Maintenance

The bathtubs we have on sale are easy to clean. Use soft cloth and gentle detergents with warm water and clean inside and outside the tub. In the case of scratches, you can either remove light surfaces scratches with a liquid polish. Deeper scratches can be alleviated with a sandpaper with a very fine grit, and then finished again with a polish. 

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