Exciting Bathroom Feature Tiles

When you are looking for a way to a room stand apart with a unique touch, there is usually no simpler way than installing feature tiles.

Bonnyrigg Tiles provides a range of feature tiles suitable for different areas around and in the home. Glass mosaic tiles make a great choice for tiling a pool. While timber look tiles offer a beautiful low maintenance alternative for living room floors, or as a design feature in a more organic looking bathroom. We understand that finding the right tile can often be a stumbling block in finalising a design for your bathroom, kitchen or living room renovation. However, with our stunning range on offer we’re sure you’ll find something at Bonnyrigg Tiles that you’re going to love!

Calming Timber Look Tiles – Soothe In the Tones of Nature

A raw looking wood finish has increasingly become a popular taste in design. Natural timber, however, requires quite a deal of maintenance with sealing, cleaning, and its susceptibility to warping and causing splinters. This is where timber look feature tiles become the best solution!

You can use timber look tiles anywhere! In your living room, bathroom, or kitchen. As a floor, wall, splashback, or feature wall. The possibilities are endless, and it is very easy to choose and add furniture, furnishings or other design accents to compliment the natural looking finish in your home.

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we have a delightfully collected range of timber look feature tiles available in different shades, colours, grain patterns and designs. Letting you enjoy a light and warm tough to your home!

Patterned Feature Tiles – Add a Pop of Vibrancy

When home interiors look dull or are missing a special something, it might be time to consider a patterned feature tile. In porcelain tiles, patterns can often be printed on or made through a special firing process called encaustic.

While patterns demand more attention, the eye catching touch can be a great design choice to add some life and interest to the space. Black and white geometric patterns can be a great way to add both variety and class. While patterns with colour or more complex patterns can bring in that warmth or sense of unique personality that makes a person smile.

Our tile store at Bonnyrigg has a collection of beautifully patterned feature tiles to add that special touch to your home. Making a gratifying choice for a bathroom, kitchen, splashback, feature wall, or living room.

Luxurious Marble Mosaic Tiles – The High End Touch

When you want to bring a marvellous air to life in your kitchen and bathroom, nothing looks as sweet as marble mosaics.

Marble as a material has been used as a status symbol for the rich, powerful, and famous since ancient times. With its iconic appearance in white and grey veining, it is easily discernible.

Our marble mosaic feature tiles bring together the best of subtle pattern and shape. Which makes a luxurious and elegant statement anywhere in your kitchen, bathroom, or foyer. We really enjoy collecting herringbone mosaic designs in our collection, and we’re sure you’ll be even more excited to use them. The shape and installation style adds a fresh and crisp chic touch, that quickly elongates the room.

Chic Hexagon Feature Tiles – Cleverly Satisfying Subtility

Unique and on trend, hexagon feature tiles strike a great position in modern geometric designs.

In the perfect place between familiar and unusual, hexagon mosaic feature tiles create chic walls or floors. We have a selection of hexagon tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles in porcelain and aluminium. Consider pairing porcelain hexagon tiles with a fashionable choice in tapware in the kitchen or bathroom, such as matte black, gold, copper, or chrome.

Aluminium Mosaic Tiles – Create Glam & Shine

Almost no one enjoys maintenance, but everyone loves shine!

Aluminium mosaic feature tiles make the perfect solution for a low maintenance (or virtually none) splashback with great style and lustre. Aluminium mosaic tiles offer a lot of interest in their design and shape. This does not only make it easy to install and interesting while cooking, but it also adds a varied, fish-scale like shine!

Browse through our collection of aluminium mosaic tiles and find a tile for your kitchen splashback.

Glass Mosaic Tiles – Splash into Illuminate Style

These feature tiles are mostly known for their use in swimming pools. Covered over in light and water, glass mosaic tiles are a pool tiling option that always stuns.

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