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Building Supplies in Sydney

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are proud supporters of your creative vision. As one of the leading suppliers in bathroom construction tools and supplies, we at Bonnyrigg Tiles provide all the solutions for your next project in one place. We are able to assist you in addressing any doubts or questions you may have with your tiles, backed by our in-depth knowledge in construction. As the experts in this field, we can also recommend the ideal building materials in Sydney for your desired application. We have been supplying quality building materials to builders, contractors, and home DIY enthusiasts across Sydney for over 20 years.  We can supply the adhesives, grout, primers, additives, sands, cement, sealers, cleaners, silicon, and waterproofing you need for your next construction or renovation project. On top of having a suite of trusted, industry standard products we can deliver everything you order from us directly to your warehouse or front door. To top it off, all our construction supplies in Sydney are priced to be incredibly competitive.  Therefore, whatever your next bathroom project entails, you can trust that our building material suppliers in Sydney will get you sorted. 

A Leading Supplier for Each Step of The Process | Bathroom Renovations & Tiling

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles are the leading provider of building supplies near you in Bonnyrigg.  We are set apart from other building material suppliers with our expertise, which guides us in stocking products that cater to every stage of tiling. 
  1. Seal your tiles
  2. Level the surface
  3. Waterproof
  4. Cut tiles (to fit the room, also for drainage)
  5. Lay the adhesive
  6. Lay tiles
  7. Apply tile spacers
  8. Grout tiles
  9. Clean hazing from tiles
  10.  Seal grout

All the Building Materials in Sydney You Need at One Stop!

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we make it easier than ever to get your hands on the building materials you are looking for. Our supplies are conveniently categorised to assist you with meeting each step of the bathroom creation or renovation. Most importantly, we provide specific technical information about every product so you can order the building materials in Sydney you need specialised for your specific application with confidence. 
  • Adhesives – Be assured of a professional, permanent bond with a wide variety of adhesives to meet a range of tiling applications. We have adhesives that are suitable for both internal and external areas, that are suitable for porcelain, ceramic, mosaic and different kinds of stone. We also provide flexible adhesives for a secure finish, even with wet floors or electric underfoot heating.
  • Primers - Prime the hard surfaces walls or floors for concrete and tiling with our commercial grade construction and building priming materials. Which helps you ensure that tiles, accessories, and other supplies are secured firmly.
  • Grout – Clean grout lines add wonders to adding personality and refinement to a bathroom. Along with a proficient primer, they are also essential to securing your tiles and protecting your walls and floors from moisture. Bonnyrigg Tiles supplies a range of options in grouting, with white, sand and coloured grouting.
  • Additives - We also provide additives that help ensure the strength and prime performance of your grout, primers, and concrete. These building materials are crucial when you are looking to leave professional and long lasting results.
  • Sands & Cement– Essential in leveling floors and walls for tiles, as well as meeting a lot of other purposes, sand and cement are often the bread and butter of building contractors everywhere. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can stock up on your cement and sand supplies in Sydney with the assurance of quality products at a competitively cheap rate. We also deliver sand all over Sydney too.
  • Sealers - While natural stone is renowned for its unique characteristics, you always need to plan to include sealers in your budget when you are using stone. Bonnyrigg Tiles employs a handful of the essential sealers to accomplish your desired finish for a variety of different types of stone.
  • Cleaners - We also stock the professional cleaners specialised to clear up grout haze, stains and dirt from stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles. We have the best range of cleaning products for stone and tiles at our building material store. Which we also stock a competitive price.
  • Silicone – Seal your bathroom fixtures and accessories effectively with proficient silicone. Silicone caulking allows for the movement that happens where water and heat is involved, all while deterring the growth of mould or mildew. We provide these building supplies at Bonnyrigg competitively, with a wide range of specialised silicones at a low cost.
  • Waterproofing – Protect walls and floors with industry standard waterproofing to meet a range of requirements. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries as well as spas and swimming pools. Our waterproofing construction and building materials are crucial anywhere where an abundance of water, heat and moisture gather.

Wholesale Pricing on a Great Line of Products | Buy Competitive Building Supplies

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we bring the benefit of cheaper and more competitive pricing to you – even on top of the exceptional quality of our range. When it comes to building bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, no building material supplier does it better. Our building material store provides all the resources you need, at prices that will help empower your projects, no matter how large or small. So, don’t hesitate to buy your building supplies with our company!

Fast Deliveries, Sydney-Wide!

We can deliver anywhere you are in Sydney. If you are near us, you can also give us a call to put in an order and pick up your building supplies at our location. Our deliveries are fast. We are devoted to getting your building materials to you as soon as possible to cut down on the time you have to wait between going onto your next project, or the next steps. 

A Full Suite Of Construction and Building Materials

We have all the construction supplies that you need in Sydney to complete a new bathroom or bathroom renovation. Storing a range of tiles, bathroom supplies, bathroom accessories and more to outfit all the essential requirements and add a personalised touch. Our tiles and building supplies are suitable for a range of applications indoors and out. Helping you complete the nuanced steps for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, walkways and more with expert capabilities. 

The Best Tools and Equipment for the Job

In addition to building materials, our store provides the tools you need to apply construction products with prowess. Our building material suppliers can also provide you the trowels, mixers, nippers, PPE, etc to gear up your whole team. To equip you with the best protection for your knees, and resources to prepare your building materials for the job. Don’t settle for anything less than the best industry grade products from our building material store!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Bathroom Tiling, Renovating and Construction

When it comes to home improvement, outdoor tiling and building better bathrooms, no one has the stock like Bonnyrigg Tiles. We are one of the best building material suppliers near you in Sydney. We have all the construction supplies and tools you need. In addition to all the tiles and bathroom supplies you need for home and commercial building.  So, when you buy your building supplies, you can also save on time and money for all your deliveries. And with over two decades of experience, we can assist you in getting the building materials and supplies specialised to your purpose.   People in Sydney buy our building supplies because of the following -
  • Over 20 years of experience in supplying tiles, bathroom supplies and building materials
  • Providing high quality products and services
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • One stop for everything you need to build beautiful bathrooms in one place
We at Bonnyrigg Tiles are one of the biggest building material suppliers in Sydney. If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us! FAQs
  • Do you offer delivery of building materials?
  • Yes, we do offer delivery of building materials in Sydney. We can deliver sand, cement, blue metal and other building supplies. It is best to arrange delivery of building materials 2-3 days in advance to secure the desired time slot. We are one of the biggest building material suppliers in Sydney and we are known for our large range of products and quality assurance.
  • How long will the delivery take?
  • The duration of delivery can be immediate if our delivery schedule permits this. As soon as you place an order, our in-store experts will be able to confirm with you the delivery time.

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