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Sand and Cement for Sale and Delivery in Sydney

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles offer a great range of sand and cement for use with various applications across multiple industries. We provide Sydney sand and cement that is perfect for making bricks, laying tiles or pavers, creating grounding for drainage pipes and more. As experts with over 20 years in supplying building materials in Sydney. Our specialists can supply all the sand and cement that you need for your construction. With our expertise, we can help meet all the construction needs for builders, landscapers, and home renovators. We can deliver cement and sand supplies anywhere, Sydney wide. 

Fast And Efficient Sand Deliveries

We can quickly deliver anywhere in the Greater Western Sydney region. Bringing the convenience of reliable construction supplies to you.  Bonnyrigg Tiles offers a wide range of sand suited for various purposes. So that you can have the versatility on hand to cater to the different requirements of multiple projects without generating waste. We provide the likes of fatty sand, washed Sydney sand, drainage sand and more. Our experts make gaining your needed sand supplies simpler than ever before. You can discuss with our team for your regular and ongoing sand delivery, or to co-ordinate over large orders. 

Sand Supplies for Sale in Sydney

Sand is crucial for most construction, taking up more space left behind from aggregates which are then further filled by cement. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, our workers seek to empower builders across Western Sydney, to fulfill their sand supply needs. So that whether you build commercially, or are looking to make changes at home, you can always have the best products backing you. 
  • Blue metal aggregate 
  • River sand
  • Washed Sydney sand
  • White brick sand


Our specialised range of sand is here to empower your projects. All our sand is of good quality, and we can offer you sand deliveries to any quantity you require.  Blue Metal Aggregate – Aggregate is a quarried and crushed rock that can range from blue to black. This aggregate is great for drainage, especially around PVC and agricultural pipes. Aggregate binds well with cement and asphalt, to create a stronger mix of concrete. River Sand – River sand has rounded particles from their interaction with water in riverbeds. It has clay and more impurities, which does not make it good for sandboxes. Instead, river sand is ideal for concrete, top dressing, levelling, soil amendments, horse arenas and for better footing on the ground. As a coarse and round sand that is resistant to being washed away, it is an excellent sand for drainage.  Sydney Sand – Sydney sand is a fine and washed sand, that has been gathered from Sydney beaches. Without clay or impurities, it is a very versatile sand that can be used across many applications. An ideal choice for sand pits  White Brick Sand – Known as a ‘fatty’ sand for its high clay content, white brick sand repels water. It provides a sticky and more workable substance that is perfect for use with cement. A common sand to make white bricks, as the name implies.

Boral Cement for Sale in Sydney

As one of the largest and most trusted suppliers and manufacturers of sand and cement in Australia, we’ve partnered with Boral Cements to bring you a range of professional, industry-grade products. We have a strong stock of specialised cement to deliver different looks, finishes and applications. So, you can be ready to lay tiles, level surfaces or get on top of any other construction task requiring cement. 
  • Builder’s Clay
  • Concrete Mix
  • Builders Cement
  • Off White Cement
  • Premium Clay


Boral Builders Clay – Kaolinic clay with high plasticity, dry strength, and refractory properties. Builder’s clay is often used as a plasticiser additive for mortar or as a general purpose filler.  Boral Concrete Mix – The concrete mix brings you a blend of dry aggregate, sand and cement, perfect for general use. Boral Builders Cement – A cement mix that is ideally suited for brickwork, blockwork, construction mortar, bedding roof tiles and more. Delivering high strength as it ages and sets. Boral Off White Cement – A general purpose cement that provides a light colour to fit in with the styles of a modern palette.  Boral Premium Clay – A high quality builder’s clay, sourced from natural raw materials.  Boral Sand & Cement - Easy to use, just add clean water and go. The washed sands contained in the cement make it perfect for versatile use. Use Boral Sand & Cement for bush rock jointing, bedding paving and tiles, brick laying, repairing damaged concrete and mortar, renders, etc. Bonnyrigg Tiles is one of the leading suppliers of sand, cement and other building supplies in Sydney.  Find out more about how our team can help you! Call us on (02) 8786 0288 or email us on

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