Floor Waste Drains
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Floor Waste and Drains 

When creating a new bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room it is important that you don’t forget about the details that make these rooms easy to clean.  Floor wastes and drains are a necessity in many areas around the home. With a floor waste: water doesn’t overflow, liquid can easily be mopped away, and floor tiles can dry more efficiently. Our specialists at Bonnyrigg Tiles can help you with the best solutions for tile floor wastes. Our store provides a range of floor wastes for commercial and home use.  Made in anodised aluminium, stainless steel and more!

Bathroom Floor Waste | Shower Floor Waste

Protect the tiles of your bathroom floor with a floor waste with beautifully efficient function and design. We have a range of bathroom floor wastes to install into your shower, near your bathroom vanity and bathroom floor.  You can look through an array of options in a round or square floor waste, floor grate drains, tile insert drains and more. We have stocked some delightful designs that people love across Sydney to complete their bathroom; read more about them just below -

Smart Tile Drainage | Seamless Integration

Don’t like the look of floor waste and drainage?  While floor drainage is a necessity, not everyone likes the look of open grates. That’s what has made smart tiles such a highly sought solution for stylish floor waste, especially in the bathroom. Finish your bathroom with square or rectangle floor wastes to bring your bathroom into the modern age. A smart tile is a tile floor waste that uses square or rectangle borderlines that easily lets water drain away. Tile floor waste is a popular modern floor waste in the shower, bathroom floor, etc. Giving you the largest breadth of tiled spaces with beautiful geometric accents.

Lauxes Grates | Floor Grate Drains

Lauxes grates have been specially designed for durability, great looks, and function. They are a great known brand for their seamless integration that requires no welding. Each model also comes with a lifetime rustproof warranty.  At Bonnyrigg Tiles we have a selection of lauxes grates for you to choose from, in open floor grate designs and the simple streamlined tile insert models. Each lauxes grate product is made with remarkably durable anodised aluminium, resistant to corrosion abrasion, and severe weather and marine environments. Available in both matte black and bright silver. 

Residential and Commercial, Floor Wastes and Drains

Bonnyrigg Tiles offers floor wastes and drains well suited for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, pool, outdoor gardens, balcony, and driveway. Our collection is designed and beloved for functionality and style. We bring you great options to complete your kitchens or bathrooms, with innovatively seamless designs.  Besides the bathroom, there are many other applications floor wastes hold around the home - 
  • Kitchens – Having a handy floor waste solution in the kitchen, helps you out when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your kitchen floor tiles. 
  • Laundry Room – A floor waste and drainage is often a feature desired in the laundry room to help deal with spills and moisture on floor tiles. Place in a corner of the room, or near the skin or washing machine. 
  • Swimming Pool – Pool drainage is essential to help contain the spillage that often occurs when anyone jumps in. Lauxes grates or other long grate drain types work incredibly as a solution here. Helping contain water from soaking tiles, while also helping to keep water in the pool system.
  • Driveway – In the wind and rain, you can expect your driveway to get the brunt of harsh weather. It is only too natural of anything left outside, especially on a slanted driveway or near a carport. A floor waste helps pull stormwater away to help keep your driveway clear from water. 
  • Outdoor Gardens – Installing long floor grates near your lawn or in your garden helps protect your plants or grass from backyard flooding in heavy rain. Lauxes grates or long floor grate drains are a perfect solution here for the lawn. Alternatively, a round or square floor waste can be a good answer for floodproofing garden beds. 

Commercial Floor Wastes

Our collection of floor wastes and drains has also been widely used for commercial applications. You can use commercial floor wastes at Bonnyrigg Tiles can be used for swimming pools, public bathrooms, office kitchens, industrial warehouses, storage rooms and more. 

Stainless Steel Floor Wastes

Stainless steel has been revered in construction everywhere – from home use, commercial and industrial – for its strength, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. A stainless steel floor waste has an attractive appeal with a high weather resistance that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use, where water or harsh elements are involved.  We have a range of floor waste options in stainless steel that you can look through right here!

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