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Experience what remedying bathroom design feels like. Our bathroom renovations are focused on your satisfaction, with elegant detail at an affordable cost.

Bathroom Renovation

Freshness Inspired by Modern and Contemporary Design

At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are focused on that fresh new feeling! Our bathroom renovators satisfy clients with bespoke custom designs, tailored to their style, preferences of use and budget. We’ve mastered the balance of beautiful results and high quality products, with a trained eye for design and a strong expertise for the most cost-effective solutions. You simply need to tell us about the type of aesthetic you desire in your bathroom, what features are a must, a defined budget - and we’ll do the rest! Bonnyrigg Tiles’ bathroom renovations have continued to marvel across many homes and business in Sydney. For more information about the beautiful end results we’ve achieved for our clients, get in touch with us to find out more.

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We have wide range of tiles, bathroom accessories and quarry materials. Come in and visit our showroom today!

Building Supplies in Fairfield

At Bonnyrigg Tiles you can find all the building supplies you need in Fairfield for your next bathroom or kitchen project.  We have been a leading supplier of building supplies in Sydney for over 20 years. Whether you are a builder, contractor, stone mason, or home renovator you will find what you need in our range.  We stock the biggest, most trusted brands in adhesives, sand, cement, builder’s clay and more. With all the tools that you need to ensure an immaculate, strong, and professional finish.  As an experienced supplier, our professionals are skilled in assisting you to get the most suitable building materials for your construction. Our building supplies are industry grade for superior results and reliability. And the vastness of our range allows you to find the right products for each phase of tiling or fixture installation.  Shop the range and suit up for your next project - 
  • Adhesives
  • Grout, Primers & Additives
  • Sands & Cement
  • Sealers & Cleaners
  • Silicone
  • Waterproofing

Equip yourself for each stage of Tiling, and Bathroom and Kitchen Renovating

Tiling –

Our range of building supplies at Bonnyrigg Tiles provides all you need to deliver a professional tiler’s finish.  We have the stone and tile sealers to seal your surfaces before the installation. Sands and cement to level the surface. Waterproofing solutions to prep the surface to prevent water damage. Wet saws and nippers for cutting tiles. Mortar and adhesives to lay tiles. As well as grout to fill in the areas between the tile gaps. 

Installing Bathroom Supplies –

Source the building supplies you require to install the beautiful new bathroom fixtures from Bonnyrigg Tiles.  Our store has the waterproofing materials to secure and surface for a strong base against water and moisture. Along with the mortar and cement to create a strong level base on untiled ground. As well as silicone to secure bathroom accessories to tiles or sealing the joinery of bathroom supplies together.


Get the best value on your building supplies with the affordable pricing on our range. We have wholesale prices, to help builders and homeowners in Fairfield and surrounding suburbs get the best possible products for construction. With some of the best rates in Fairfield, we are sure that you will have the best ease of mind in navigating our range. 


The staff at Bonnyrigg Tiles have over 20 years of experience in supplying building supplies for residential and commercial construction. We have a great understanding of our range. Furthermore, we have curated an informative browsing experience online with all the detailed descriptions we offer on every product. So, you can have the best ease of use when navigating and browsing our collection, to find the most suitable building supplies. 


No matter where you are located in Sydney, you can find that we can deliver. Bonnyrigg Tiles is a proud supplier of building supplies in Western Sydney. We have partnered with many builders, contractors, mason workers and home renovators to empower their marvellous visions. And we continually look forward to helping our customers and clients with their construction projects and seeing the completed work they do. 

Why Bonnyrigg Tiles?

We have built up a reputation in Fairfield for supplying excellent tiles, bathroom fixtures and building supplies. When it comes to breathing life to beautiful bathrooms, we are the experts. With a complete suitable range of products to cater to the renovation, from start to finish.  Contact us today for more information on our range of building supplies, available to you in Fairfield.

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Let us use our knowledge and experience to help build and style the home you love! We have wide range of tiles, bathroom accessories and also quarry materials. Come in and see our friendly staff and showroom!