Cement- and Epoxy-based Grout

The grout you choose makes a remarkable difference on the finish of your tile installation. Builders, tilers and home renovators take the time to consider the materials, colour, stain resistance, etc. of the grout before an installation. So that they can complete the appearance, low maintenance, and waterproofing of their kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room project.  We at Bonnyrigg Tiles have a range of cement and epoxy grout to aid you in tiling floors, walls, showers, and splashbacks. With so many options, from trusted grout brands such as Laticrete and Davco, you can be sure that you will find the products you need!

Nonporous and Waterproof - Epoxy Tile Grout

When it comes to grouting tiles, no grout performs just as well as epoxy tile grout. Epoxy grout is made from a mixture of resin (or epoxy) and powder to give the grout its colour. It has a more plasticky sheen and appearance, which lends it to a smooth and seamless application on grout lines.  Many builders, tilers and homeowners love epoxy tile grout for several reasons – 
  • Waterproof 
  • Stain Resistant
  • Microbial
  • Needs no sealing
  • Won’t shrink or crack
  • Resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals
Epoxy tile grout is a perfect solution for those that don’t enjoy cleaning and may have had a problem with mould in the bathroom in the past. It is virtually stain-proof and unlike cement grout, doesn’t need to be sealed to prevent contamination.  With all these features it’s no wonder that epoxy tile grout is favoured for so many tile installations. But it does also have its downsides. Epoxy grout is pricier than cement-based, and polymer modified cement-based grout. Installing tiles with epoxy grout is also trickier and will take more time which will also add to costs.  Many designers recommend installing epoxy grout in a colour that’s close to the colour of your tiles to distract from any imperfections in the tiling job. When choosing epoxy tile grout, it is always best to leave the grouting to a professional. 

Easy to Use & Cost-Effective - Cement Based Grout

Although not as strong or nonporous as epoxy tile grouting, cement grout does bring some of its own strengths to tile installations. If you are homeowner in Sydney and are installing your own tiles, you will find that cement-based grout is a better choice. Cement grout is more forgiving, it is easier to work with and is perfectly suitable for any width in grout joint lines. Its thick consistency also makes it perfect for grouting joint lines of tiles on walls and adds strength to the installation. Cement-based grout is also cheaper. However, cement absorbs water and stains, so it needs to be sealed to be kept hygienic. While it is easy to clean, it still requires some more maintenance than epoxy tile grout. It may also not be an ideal option for more narrow tile joints. 

Value for Money - Latex Modified Cement Based Grout

Similar to cement-based grout, this type also has a polymer or latex additive that makes the grout more workable and stain resistant.  Latex modified cement-based grout has the added benefits of - 
  • Greater Adhesion
  • Increased Workability
  • Reduced Water Absorption
  • Improved Stain Resistance (but still requires sealing)
Latex or polymer modified cement grout is a great mid-range option for tiling. It has more resistance than traditional cement grout, while still being cheaper than epoxy grout. 

The Laticrete Grout Range

We have a range of Laticrete grout and tiling products in our range of building supplies at Bonnyrigg Tiles. Laticrete has been creating innovative construction products for over 60 years. We are proud to offer some incredible trusted grout products, with favourites such as Laticrete Permacolour Grout and Ultra X8. Our Laticrete grout range is available at a relatively affordable price.  And with its trusted performance in cement and epoxy grout, Laticrete grout offers great value for cost.

The Davco Grout Range

Davco is an Australian manufacturer that has been relied on for stone and tile products for over 40 years. We have a range of Davco grout at Bonnyrigg Tiles, with reputed options such as Davco epoxy grout and Davco elite grout.  Davco Epoxy Grout can be cleaned with water even while the grout is still wet. While also bringing high strength and chemical resistance. Davco Elite Grout is a smooth, microbial, and easy to work with grout. Available in different colours with a thorough and workable consistency.  You can also look through the wider range of cement-based and latex modified cement-based options in Davco grout.

Epoxy Grout for Showers | Low Maintenance Showers

Epoxy grout is an ideal option for showers. As a heavily used wet area in your bathroom, the water resistance and microbial properties of epoxy grout makes it an enduring application.  Epoxy grout makes showers easy to clean, as it won’t hold dirt, grease or grime that you are trying to wash off when you are in the shower. Epoxy grout also is nonporous and therefore make an uninhabitable environment for mould and mildew. Which means you can expect epoxy grout in your shower to last well in a beautiful, clean, and hygienic way, long into the future. 

Epoxy Grout for Floor Tiles | Long Life Flooring

With its high performance, epoxy grout makes a great application for high traffic floors and wet areas in residential and commercial buildings. For that reason, many high-end kitchens and bathrooms use epoxy grout for their tile floor grouting. Some designers will settle for nothing less when using white tiles, to be assured of grout that always stays bright.  You can also see epoxy grout used for floor tiles in schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. 

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