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When it comes to home and commercial construction, we have the best range of building supplies you need to bring your project to a satisfying finish.   Lintels are an essential part of creating a building with strength and endurance, that won’t cause you more troubles down the road later. Of course, it is also part of developing a beautiful, co-ordinated finish.  At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we are here to assist you with achieving the best results in your construction. With our expert range in load bearing support structures. 

What are Lintels?

Lintels have quite a variety in build and materials but mostly they look like beams. Which are used within construction to add additional load bearing support to the structure. Lintels can be made and used in steel, timber, concrete, natural stone, etc. The needs in structure are often what dictates what type of lintel is used. 


When it comes to installing lintels in a building, utmost care and precision is needed to ensure the intended results. Non-professionals can risk harm to themselves if they are not careful, and the difference between a shoddy job and professional results can be found in just a small step away from proper placement. So, while technically, you are allowed to install lintels in your building by yourself, it should only be left to the professional.  In addition to new home builds, lintels also often remain a vital component of home remodelling and extensions. 

Strong Applications for Remodelling and Extensions

Many homeowners consider either remodelling or extending their home to get the best out of their land and property. This is a popular choice in today’s booming property market. Many homeowners in Sydney also find satisfaction with the new distribution or use of space of their home. As a builder, contractor, or architect, you know that when it comes to implementing changes to the structure, load bearing support is paramount to safeguarding the longevity of the building. While building walls may look simple to the outside eye – it goes beyond brick and mortar. All the elements outside and inside the building such as thermal temperature, shape, structure, and weight distribution needs to be taken into account to ensure professional, quality results. That allows a family in Sydney to enjoy a strong durable structure that they can soon call home. Lintels are a necessary tool to provide additional supporting structures to the weaker areas around the home. This mostly includes entry ways for air and light in the home such as doors and windows. When it comes to ensure strength, beauty and longevity in a building, our specialists have all the solutions in our range. Providing you all the lintels, silicone, concrete, sand, and more for construction in and around a building. 

Why Bonnyrigg Tiles?

We are one of the leading suppliers in Sydney for bathrooms and building supplies.  Local builders, contractors and home renovators have looked to our store for their building solutions for over 20 years as: 
  • Full suite of tiling and building supplies
  • High quality and trusted products
  • Latest modern designs
  • Friendly and informative staff
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