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Bespoke beauty in your next bathroom project with a supplier that has an eye for detail. Bonnyrigg Tiles has the beauty and charm through our modern range of tiles and supplies for bathrooms in Fairfield. Boasting optimal water efficient performance and revelling in unmatched style, our collection amasses some of the latest trends in bathrooms for our customers. We invite you to connect with our specialists, to assist you through your bathroom renovation in Fairfield. Our team at Bonnyrigg Tiles are experts in the tiles and tiling industry and can give you all the assistance you require to understand the process and all the materials needed. Our experts in store can also help you with tile selections which complement each other. For the full experience, take advantage of our expertise by hiring Bonnyrigg Tiles to install your new tiles.

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  • Bathtubs
  • Basins
  • Floor waste and grates
  • Sinks
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Toilets
  • Vanities
  • Tapware
Attending to the most in demand styles that bask in timeless sophistication, our bathroom accessories in Fairfield provide perfect inspiration for a modern bathroom. Explore our collection of bathroom accessories and tapware and select squared or curved shapes, with stainless steel or chrome lustre or a stylish matt black finish. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, tiles and renovations is all we know. Our specialists have a careful eye, guided by our expertise, to acquire only the best products in our line of bathroom accessories supplied in Fairfield.


  • Natural Limestone Tiles
  • Natural Basalt Tiles
  • Quartz Tiles
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Feature Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
Uplift the overall atmosphere of your bathroom by updating outdated tiles with the latest designs. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we offer a range of colours, patterns, and textures in tiles to empower your creative vision. Our porcelain tiles provide an ideal choice for the bathroom in Fairfield, combining the best of cost-effectiveness, design versatility, low maintenance and durability. Porcelain tiles can be manufactured to imitate a range of materials from natural stone like marble to timber and even concrete. They are made from dense clays and fired at high temperatures to produce their reputable strength. Porcelain today can be printed on or expertly designed to , walls, and feature wall. While you don’t have to tile the whole room, small bathrooms look more spacious when you tile from floor to ceiling.
  • Bathroom Floors – Large format textured tiles have become a popular bathroom tile choice for flooring. Besides laimitate other materials. Giving you great value for cost and maintenance, with stunningly deceptive marble, travertine, and limestone look porcelain tiles. That’s why the Fairfield locals buy tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles.
  • Picking Out Tiles for Your Bathroom – Co-ordinating colours, patterns, and textures
  • Bathrooms often use 2-3 different tiles for the floorsrge format tiles, small penny-sized mosaic bathroom tiles can also make the bathroom space seem larger. At Bonnyrigg Tiles we provide a range of bathroom floor tiles in light and darker tones in Fairfield, to create contrast or seamless cohesion.
  • Bathroom Walls – Porcelain tiles can emulate a lot of looks of natural stone, all in a format that is easier to afford and look after. You can co-ordinate grey floor tiles with bright marble look porcelain tiles. Conversely, you can use a tile with a slightly lighter or darker hue. For a complete polished neutral look, you can choose to alternate your walls and floors with beige and grey.
  • Bathroom Feature Wall – If you have more space for creativity and eye drawing accents, you may choose to add a bathroom feature wall. Raw looking wall cladding, printed porcelain or darker and aluminium tiles create a place to draw interest, either in your bathroom vanity area or the wall near your bathtub.

Bring Life to Your Imagination –Backed by a world of possibilities in design

Our vast collection of tiles in Fairfield offers a multitude of different looks and finishes, for a well curated and designed touch. Explore the different shades, colours and patterns in our stunning range.
  • White Gloss – Highly polished white ceramic with incredible shine and finish
  • Silver – Ripples of light and dark grey and white, our silver porcelain tiles emulate the moving lustre appearance of silver.
  • Beige – A natural sandy shade of fawn tiles with the echoing aesthetics of travertine.
  • Cream – Light off-white tones of milk and cream. Bonnyrigg Tiles provide a variety of feels with warm textures.
  • Warm Greys – Grey with more hints of yellow and brown. Warm grey offers both light patterns and textures in an undeniably chic style.
  • Cool Ash Greys – Rising in popularity, textured ash brings the energy of strong and industrial cave-like style into bathrooms or showers.
  • Taupe – Offering a feather soft lightness in colour. Taupe’s subtle mix of grey and brown creates a neutral tone that perfectly complements the white fixtures in your bathroom.
  • Black – Black graphite porcelain or veined marble look porcelain tiles provide an ideal option for contemporary flooring for your bathrooms. Conversely, you can employ black tiles for your basin area, or all over for a bathroom that captures attention.
  • Veined – Marvel in your bathroom with Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario marble look porcelain tiles and accomplish a lavish appearance without the heavy maintenance or price tag.
  • Exfoliated – Brushed, spotted and lined porcelain textures add refined interest in the subtle details of your bathroom.

Marvellous Marble Bathrooms

A beautiful statement of luxury. Marble bathrooms capture the well-loved elegance of European interior design. White marble is iconic and provides a crisp clean look, with grey or black veining for soft interest and texture. We have both natural marble and marble look porcelain tiles in Fairfield at Bonnyrigg Tiles. To help you accomplish decadent designs in your bathroom.


At Bonnyrigg Tiles, we work hard to stand in as your partner in bathroom renovations in Fairfield. As one of the leading suppliers of bathroom tiles and accessories – homeowners, builders and contractors in Fairfield can always count on us to supply quality products at a reasonable cost. Our team can assist you with selecting suitable bathroom supplies or tiles for your home in Fairfield. We also offer unmatched tiling services for installations, repairs and fixing to help refresh your bathroom with a new look.
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