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Elegant Bathroom Spouts

Make a better place to relax by choosing a bathroom spout from our range at Bonnyrigg Tiles. Elegance is created in the details. Find the right tapware solution for your basin or bathtub with our stylish and innovative collection. By looking through and selecting a bathroom spout that adds the right touch with the design, finish, and the way the water flows.  With our stylish range at Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can find a bathroom spout that doubles as a feature in design. Accomplish a sense of refinement, implement modern and beautiful European style today. 

Curve Bathroom Spouts | Soft and soothing bliss

With their curved shaped, curved bathroom spouts add a sense of calmness and fluidity to your bathroom. Curved shapes are popular with simple styles designed to create a clear space of rest and clarity. Consider pairing a curved bathroom spout to a round basin or bathtub and enjoy the simple pleasure of complimentary cohesion. 

Swivel Bathroom Spouts | Versatile and gentle control

Able to be adjusted horizontally, swivel bathroom spouts provide a quick and apt solution for getting the stream of water out of the way. It is a perfect solution for wanting to refresh your tub with more hot water, without feeling of the effects of it on your skin. You can also enjoy the utility of a swivel bathroom spout for your basin or laundry sink. Letting you clean up a greater variety of items, assist in washing kids’ hands, or rinsing the basin.  

Fixed Bar Bathroom Spouts | Simple elegance in minimalistic style

Both a stylish and economical option, the simple stick or bar appearance of this faucet makes it a great choice for a bathroom spout. You’ve heard it in design - less is more. And you can see it in the charm that fixed bar spouts add to a bathroom, whether for a bathtub or basin. At Bonnyrigg Tiles, you can indulge in beautiful, fixed bathroom spouts in both rounded and more squared off designs.

Waterfall Bathroom Spouts | Your own private waterfall to enjoy at home 

The way water flows often makes a difference with the feeling it creates. Fountains, waterfalls and rain often inspire a certain feeling whether it’s calmness, soothing or invigoration. Capture this simple joy of nature with a bathroom spout that gives you the pleasure of your own personal waterfall. Waterfall bathroom spouts can be used for basins, but they make a remarkable addition for your bathtub.  We provide some great options in our range to give you a stylish waterfall or water sheet flow that will really set your bathing experience apart, from anything you have experienced before. 

Co-ordinate With a Tasteful Touch – Latest Finishes

  • Stainless Steel – You can enjoy a range of the durable lustre and shine of stainless steel in our range of bathroom spouts. Stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain. It adds a dazzling touch to your bathroom.
  • Chrome – Chrome produces a high powered shine for tapware that works remarkably well in white and cool toned bathrooms. 
  • Matte Black – Matte black is still a new addition in kitchens and bathrooms, and wherever installed it gets noticed. A popular choice for a chic appearance, matte black bathroom spouts are a common favourite with a natural stone or woody finish. 

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When you are looking to complete your bathroom, you can rest assured that you can find everything you need. Our bathroom spouts make an excellent solution for your bathroom basin and bathtub. Providing a modern experience in elegance, ease of use and beauty.  We invite you to visit our showroom in Bonnyrigg and see all our products up close. Our sales representatives are happy to explain all the brilliant finishes and utility offered in our range.

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