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Practical Bathroom Ceramic Tiles in Sydney

Affordable and with a vast number of possibilities in designs, our collection of ceramic tiles in Sydney offers the ideal solution you need for cost-effective bathroom renovations.

Ceramic tiles were first developed in Egypt. When clay was fired at high temperatures, they found the result was strong, waterproofed, and durable surfaces. Perfect for creating beautiful bathrooms!

With today’s technology, ceramic tiles offer more strength, design freedom and affordability than ever before. Shop ceramic bathroom wall tiles with a high gloss for a beautifully fresh and chic finish in your walls.

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Charming Bathroom Walls with Ceramic Tiles

For those that love the look of gloss, ceramic bathroom wall tiles often offer a lovely overall finish.

Ceramic tiles add beauty and shine, especially in bathroom walls. Making it a great design touch for simple bathroom designs. With these tiles, you can create a white bathroom dazzle with eye catching shine. Alternatively, the glazed gloss of ceramic tiles offers a great tool to make delectable colours pop.

For a bathroom that stands out, think ceramic bathroom wall tiles in pastels, jewel-tones, earthy colours, or soft feather greys!

An Economical Choice in Tiles – Tiles That Fit Your Budget

When it comes to tiling your bathroom, ceramic tiles provide an incredibly competitive possibility. Cheaper than porcelain and natural stone, they offer a good price for bathroom renovations that are on a budget. Consequently, ceramic tiles are a popular choice when tiling bathrooms and kitchens in Sydney.

Low Maintenance Bathroom Tiles – Spend Less Time Cleaning

Ceramic tiles provide an excellent solution for creating low maintenance bathrooms. Like anything, they still require some maintenance. They are easy to clean with warm water and common household cleaners.

Hardwearing Bathroom Surfaces – Strength and Durability

Ceramic tiles are strong and durable, and with the right maintenance they can last up between 75-100 years. They are quite difficult to crack but if a tile does crack from heavy impact, they are quite easy to replace. If you are looking specifically for a strong tile, porcelain tiles offer a higher performance to ceramic.

Waterproofed and Stain Resistant

If glazed, ceramic tiles offer a protective barrier from water, stains, dirt and dust. As a non-porous surface, they are also virtually waterproof. However, there is still a small amount of water infiltration that occurs when water sits on the tile for too long. We recommend wiping up puddles to best maintain your ceramic tiles.

Look Through Delightful Design Possibilities

While bathroom ceramic tiles are famous in design for their uses in wall tiles, they also make a popular design choice for floors in a matte finish.

Select from ceramic tiles in a multitude of colours from white, grey, other neutral shades and bright bursting colours!

The Iconic Ceramic Finish

Ceramic tiles are renowned as a choice in the bathroom for simple but stunningly glossy walls. However, they also make a great choice for more traditional and natural looking tiled floors with their non-rectified (uneven) edges. Grey ceramic tiles are a popular cost-effective option for a cooler and more textured look.

Find out more about the best finish for your bathroom ceramic tiles by contacting one of our experts!

  • High Gloss
  • Polished
  • Honed

Ceramic Vs Porcelain – Which One’s Better?

For higher stronger, durable and more water resistant options, we recommend that you look for porcelain. Porcelain tiles are made being fired at much higher temperatures that make it more dense, non-porous and water resistant. In floors, porcelain provides a much more suitable option for high traffic areas. Additionally, porcelain tiles are even less susceptible to stain, wear, and tear.

Porcelain tiles offer even more possibilities in designs. With the modern advancements in technology today, they can also unnervingly imitate the beautiful appearances of natural stone, wood, and concrete.

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