Tile Installation

Timeless Floor Tiles in Sydney

For durable beautiful floors, floor tiles make a perfect solution!

We at Bonnyrigg Tiles have a wide range of floor tiles in Sydney available to complete your bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and outdoors. So, you can select tiles that reflect your own personal style, for upscale floors that immediately garner notice.

Enjoy warm and cool neutral colour palettes and interesting texturized patterns in the hottest designs.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Create a stunning bathroom with the right choice in bathroom floor tiles.

When you are selecting a tile for your bathroom floor, it is important that you go for a tile with a non-slip surface. It gets wet in the bathroom and so any chance for floor tiles to get slippery from water or moisture is ever present.

We customise and create bathroom floor tiles with a non-slip surface. So, you can enjoy having stylish and durable bathroom flooring in your tiles, in matte, structured or external. Furthermore, we bring you a broad range of the most stylish trends in bathroom floors. If you are looking to elevate the look of your bathroom, you don’t have to go anywhere else! Get elegant bathroom floors now.

Cheap Floor Tiles

Afford beauty with our surprisingly budget friendly and stylish range of cheap floor tiles.

You can enjoy a great range of choices in competitively cheap floor tiles at our store in Bonnyrigg Tiles. We have worked hard to bring you a range of the latest styles and designs that offer you beauty and durability, at an attractive price.

Grey Bathroom Floor Tiles

Aim for elegance with the cool and neutral aesthetic of grey bathroom floor tiles.

Grey floor tiles are a favourite design tool in modern bathrooms. Offering some shade, with still a great balance of lightness, grey works universally well in white or lighter-toned bathrooms. But charcoal bathroom floor tiles also work splendidly with the increasingly popular darker, industrial style bathroom.

Grey bathroom floor tiles are often featured across a multitude of monotonous bathroom designs that play with white, black, and grey. We have an array of natural stone like textures and patterns in our tiles. Browse also through our range of concrete look floor tiles for the bathroom.

Shower Floor Tiles

Make a calming caved space in your shower with your tastefully selected shower floor tile.

Tiling your shower with a different tile is often a choice designers make to distinguish the shower area from the bathroom. Creating a calming enclosing space to get clean.

We have a range of shower floor tiles that help stylishly complete your shower area. When it comes to the shower floor, often a mosaic or exciting patterned tile is brilliant in adding a touch of pizzazz to simpler walls. You can also choose a more muted finish with washed concrete look or charcoal bathroom floor tiles.

Outside Floor Tiles

Choose to create beautiful, floored spaces inside and outside the home with rustic exterior floor tiles.

The outdoors of your home is often a great area to host friends or family, or just to enjoy your afternoon tea. We have a beautiful range of exterior floor tiles for your patio, driveway, poolside, and garden walkways. That gives you the tools you need to make your outdoor spaces more elegant and enjoyable. Our outside floor tiles offer a lot of different looks in natural stone, such as marble, quartzite, bluestone, travertine, cobalt and more. Concrete floor tiles also aren’t restricted to the bathroom, and they provide a strong and beautiful solution to this part of your home.

Our sales staff at Bonnyrigg Tiles can supply exterior floor tiles in filled, unfilled, tumbled, exfoliated, honed, sandblasted, brushed and more.

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You can enjoy a great range of beautiful modern designs in our supply of cheap floor tiles at Bonnyrigg Tiles. Find travertine, marble, granite, concrete, and other exterior floor tiles in natural stone. Our range can provide finishes in several finishes, such as sandblasted, tumbled and brushed. Giving you great texture for better grip even when it rains.

Our showrooms are also backed by the excellent knowledge of our amazing staff. If you have any questions, doubts or are in need of suggestions we recommend that you stop by. Bring some photos of the area you want tiled along with the measurements, and we’ll help you create a more beautiful kitchen, living room or bathroom.

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