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Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Make your bathroom stand apart with our range of mosaic bathroom tiles from Bonnyrigg Tiles.

Mosaic tiles let you play with shades, light, and colours with all the variety and interest they bring. We bring you a fabulous collection to look through in Sydney, full of all the latest trends to express your personal style!

Select from mosaic bathroom tiles in glass, marble, aluminium, and pebble for a unique bathroom.

Glass Mosaic Tiles – Decorate in Colour

Glass mosaic bathroom tiles can help create a striking appearance in the bathroom. You can use it tile your bathroom vanity wall, shower wall or the wall behind your bathtub to create a creative feature piece. Designers also have used glass mosaic tiles to tile entire bathrooms for a delightfully playful way to add colour.

They can also be a great choice to use for your shower floor, adding both colour and borders in the space. And while glass is smooth, the structure of mosaic tiles means more frequent grout lines which provide more grip. The material provides a mostly cool regulated feeling underfoot, pleasant to wake up to each morning.

Marble Mosaic Tiles – Immaculate Elegance

Marble mosaic tiles add a beautifully elegant sense of character to your bathroom.

Herringbone particularly has become a treasured structure and installation design in the modern home. Stylish breaking up space with a surprising unusual linear style. Combine that with the rich and subtle character of marble, and you have a mosaic bathroom tile that really sets the bathroom apart. It is also a great way to showcase lighter veining in marble, in different tree branch or root designs.

You can use marble mosaic bathroom tiles for your bathroom floors, walls, feature wall, or splashback. Bonnyrigg Tiles has sophisticated selections in marble mosaic tiles, for you to choose from and make beauty happen.

Printed Mosaic Bathroom Tiles – Inspire the Avant Garde

Add a sense of elegance and fun to the bathroom with stylish geometric mosaic bathroom tiles.

While many people love white walls and bathroom features in their bathroom, some may also find that it makes the area rather predictable and bland. Printed mosaic porcelain tiles offer a great way to spice this up! We offer Mediterranean flower patterns, stars and diamonds, modern beloved shapes, in our collection at Bonnyrigg Tiles. So, you can add that touch of boldness that makes your bathroom a room you love!

Aluminium Mosaic Tiles – Industrial Glam & Shine

Turn up the shine in your bathroom with a touch of 1920s glam.

While metal may garner a double take in your bathroom, aluminium is resistant to water, rust, and corrosion. Which makes aluminium mosaic tiles a remarkable tool to complete wet areas, such as your bathroom. The small break up of shape and sometimes differing levels of lustre on each tile can also create a beautiful ‘glittering’ effect that can be amazing to wake up to.

You can use aluminium mosaic tiles to create a feature wall for your bathroom vanity or shower in your bathroom. Designers also use it to create accents in the wall, in strip sections. Perfect for achieving a bathroom that is a bit more glam, with an industrial or art deco style.

For added elegance, consider adding waterproof LED strip lights above your metal mosaic bathroom tiles to bring out their lustre and shine.

Pebble Mosaic Tiles – Find Your Inner Zen

Welcome in a calming coastal or close to nature touch in your bathroom with pebble mosaic tiles.

While some people see and desire the high end touches of gold, marble and geometric modern shapes in their bathrooms, another dream of many is a bathroom that provides that feeling of a private getaway.

Featuring the softer, rawer, and unfinished looks in nature, organic bathrooms specialise in adding an unusual touch of the outdoors. Make your bathroom your own spa retreat from the 9 to 5 with pebble mosaic tiles surrounding the bottom of a freestanding bathtub. You can also use them to create borders between different zones in your bathroom floor. Other designers love to use them to tile the shower floor or the whole shower area for a beach cave-like feel.

The more evident grouting in pebble mosaic bathroom tiles means they make require more cleaning. You can dilute vinegar with warm water to create a gentle cleaner that keeps grout clean and healthy. Cleaning with a hot steam is also often recommended.

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